M.Tech Admissions in India Without GATE Score

For admission into M.Tech or MS in Engineering everyone have their own reasons and they prepare GATE accordingly. Few students have time and high targets and they start preparing for it well in advance. Most of them take a year break too to attend some coaching classes for making it to IITs.On the same time, we often see students who are very enthusiastic but could not make it to GATE for some reasons. Few energetic faculty members engineering colleges and universities often try to find a way to get into a good college with minimum or no GATE score. There many reasons, one of them is final exams for engineering or internal test fall during same time making it difficult for them to compete with regular Engineering students or student taking coaching class.

Apart from these, there are few average students who always think of high standards but could not make it to GATE. Once they miss it they lose hope and get into a below standard jobs because of social and financial barriers they have to face for one year. Finally end up not realizing the dream, they dream while joining Engineering studies.

Admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) or National Institute of Technology (NITs) Without GATE score (NON-GATE):
Most of the student can not imagine going to IITs without tough completion, which is a correct assumption. But there are ways to get into IITs and NITs without GATE scores too. Below are the possible cases.
Sponsored Candidates: If you are working in industry for over three year and can prove that your employer is ready to allow you to go to study by letters from authority, you can apply under this category.
There are few seats reserved under this category in both IITs and NITs.
Quality Improvement Program (QIP): This is started by Govt. of India to improve the quality of teaching staff in state colleges by giving them a chance to attend India’s top most engineering schools. All the faculty members with three years plus experience are eligible for this.
Kindly read the upcoming post giving detail view of these programs.

Admission to Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs): 
They conduct their own exam for admission. Anyone can apply and try to get admission for Master of Engineering. These colleges are deemed universities and have good infrastructure and placements.

Admission to Central and State Universities: 
Few Central Universities conduct there own exams and few consider GATE scores too. Most of the State University doesn’t get GATE qualified students, therefore they conduct their own written test and interview. For more information about notification and other details please subscribe via email, check the box on upper right side of this page.

Private Deemed Universities:
These days in India there are many professional private universities offering masters in engineering. They conduct their won exam and interview. Admission is easy but they may charge huge fee.

Private Engineering colleges offering Master of Engineering: 
AICTE approve many old private engineering colleges to start M.Tech course because of infrastructure and faculty. Admission these are easy but may be expensive.

Part Time Master of Engineering:
Few State universities offer this program with the condition that student must live within the some distance (for example 30KM) radius from universities. Class usually conducted in evening and weekends.

Distance M.Tech Program:
This is most risky program, because many fraud universities offer M.Tech distance program that is not affiliated to any accreditation committee.

I also recommend to think about doing masters abroad as there are lots of good universities in Australia, Canada, Germany and France that gives scholarships to Masters and PhD student. If you want to try please do think about them too.

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