Umbilikal- International Biomedical Engineering E-Magazine

For the upliftment of Biomedical Engineering worldwide. has started a initiative to promote the writing and comprehensive skills of the younger generation by helping them in reaching the world through this platform. This initiative has become international as it is being done collaboratively with the Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence (BASE, Pakistan)

UMBILIKAL-Providing Food for Thought



Biomedical Association of students for Excellence , Pakistan

About the E-Magazine


UMBILIKAL is a joint venture of the Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence (BASE, Pakistan) and, India, for biomedical and healthcare professionals across the globe.




UMBILIKAL’s sole purpose is to provide a common platform for the specialists and professionals in healthcare sectors from Pakistan and India to address the challenges faced in the field of healthcare in the two nations as well as other South Asian nations. By doing so, UMBILIKAL will not only help in drawing out effective solutions to redress the challenges faced but also help in the construction of a healthy and peaceful relationship between the biomedical and healthcare professionals of the two nations. Thus, UMBILIKAL aims to provide a knowledge pool from which professionals from the healthcare sector, especially budding professionals, can stay updated on the technological advancements made in this field in both the nations and draw inspiration from each other’s knowledge and experience.


UMBILIKAL, a joint venture of two nations, thus, strives to provide a peaceful co-existence of their healthcare professionals and to empower biomedical and allied healthcare technologies.




UMBILIKAL requires articles for its upcoming e-magazine. All professionals, research scholars, academicians, industrialists and students from healthcare and biomedical sectors are requested to send in their contributions in the form of articles, personal experiences, and innovative ideas to build up the knowledge pool.




Articles sent must be the original work of the person, typed in Times New Roman with a font size of 12.

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