Biomedical Engineer jobs in Mumbai & Ahmedabad

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Dear Mr.Kush,

We introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers of CE certified Electrosurgical units based in Delhi. ( )

We have recieved a government order of 85 units out of which 14 are to be installed at JJ hospital BycullaMumbai and 15 are to be installed at govt. hospital Ahemedabad.

As this is the peak season (year ending), so we need local biomedical support to do foll. jobs for us after we impart him proper training :

1). Recieve goods from hospital stores and install at respective depts.

2). Do neccessary paper work which is required for payment purpose.

3). Provide aftersale support for the period of warranty of 24 months.

We will send one person from Delhi to support him as and when required.

We will provide neccsessary training and give all required components and spares.

We will also leave one standby unit extra with that engineer to provide effective support to end user.

After negotiating charges of above mentioned services if that engineer is also capable to generate some private sales in that area then proper commisions will also be given to him on that sale.

In this regard you are requested to generate some enquires for us from Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Best regards

Manoj Singh

CEO – Divlabs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi

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