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As the Medical Equipment arm of Blue Star Electronics, we provide sophisticated medical equipment for healthcare purposes. Starting in the 70s, we began with cardiac monitoring, and have been providing leading edge technology in the fields of Medical Imaging, Cancer Therapy, Electro Physiology, Urology, Biochemistry, etc.

A brief of our business over the years:
1970 – 1980:
Began with providing critical care equipment from Hewlett Packard, our most prominent principal in the field of Cardiology.
Added Technicon Auto Analyzers and a few other allied cardiology products to our product portfolio. Our service team established a name as a quality conscious and technical competent team of engineers who could maintain these sophisticated equipment.
1980 – 1990:
Hitachi Medical Corporation, Japan, became our Principal for ultrasound scanners/ CT scanners/ mobile carm x-rays/ x-ray angiography systems (DSA)/ gamma cameras/ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems.
Tied-up with Nicolet Biomedical, USA, for their range of EEG/ EMG/ Brain Mapping Systems. These products find use in the field of Neurology.
1990 – 2000:
Signed a distributor agreement with Direx Medical Systems, Israel, for their range of Urology products such as extra corporeal shockwave lithotripters (ESWL) and hyper thermia systems.
Varian Oncology Systems became our Principal for their cancer treatment equipment such as linear accelerators, simulators and treatment planning systems.
2000 onward:
We have expanded our service team to handle larger engineering activities such as magnet offload at customer sites, coordinating shielding room installations, interior finishing of shielding rooms, complete installation of MRI systems, as well as detailed application training on these medical systems.

(Some of the names represented by us in the past, like Hewlett Packard, Technicon, Varian Oncology Systems, Direx Medical Systems, now operate through their own offices in India.)

Our technically competent service team provides advice and guidance through all phases of a project right from consultation to installation. Our Principal, Hitachi Medical Systems – Singapore, utilizes the services of our application specialist to conduct training on MRI and CT Scan systems, in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

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