Charge your Brain to Learn Faster:Biomedical Technology

If you consider your brain a microprocessor, you could assume that an increased electrical charge would lead to faster brain cells.

As silly as that sounds, that assumption may in fact be accurate. There is a startup called GoFlow, which intends to be offering a mass-market tDCS device, which stands for transcranial direct current stimulation.

There is not much information on the device as well as the manufacturer as of now, but they claim that they can provide a basic, DIY tDCS machine for just $99, instead of the typical cost of at least $600 in medical fields or academia. The promise is that tDCS has been proven to work in pain treatment and in the military to train snipers and drone pilots, who saw their learning rates accelerate by a factor of 2.5x.

So, how credible is this promise? We have no idea, but the lack of a product shot, serious application examples other a simulated coding learning curve and skateboarding skills down a hallway may not be enough to convince a lot of people to apply an electrical charge to their brain. There is, however, a Ph.D student, who claims that similar technology are being used safely in a lab environment. The “low voltages” used by GoFlow would indicate that the device could be safe for users, he said.


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