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About Sanrad




The Sanrad Group is a Rs 400-million turnover company and is involved in the business of import, export and sales of medical equipment and fine chemicals. The medical electronic division is headed by Ratish Nair, an Electronics Engineer with several years of experience in Toshiba Medical Equipments.

Sanrad represents a fundamental new approach and transcends previous limitations to deliver a host of revolutionary advances in the field of diagnostic imaging equipment. The company’s strong engineering skills and commitment towards improving the functionality and performance of the equipment along with enhancement of economic advantages to customers have endeared them to customers. Sanrad is respected in the industry for ethical business practices and has won the acclaim from the medical fraternity, associations and related professionals for efficient and prompt services.


The People


Ratish Nair looks after the overall main activities of the company, supported by  Som Panicker, who is the vice president and  head of MRI business., along  with a a team of dedicated and well-trained engineers lead by Jitesh Balakrishnan. Sanrad is an equal opportunities’ employer and conducts technical upgrade programs for its employees at a regular basis. “We are the only company to have developed skill sets to install and maintain high end products. Our senior engineers have undergone training at our principle’s facilities abroad on all the equipment,” says Nair.


The Infrastructure

The headquarters of the company is in the city of Mumbai and has its sales and service offices at Ahmedabad,  Bangalore, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Calicut, Hyderabad and Pune. All these offices are fully equipped with specialized tools and important spares/parts necessary for prompt service.

We have a centralized warehouse near Mumbai, at the Industrial Electronic Zone, just 21 kilometers from Mumbai. Mostly, all essential and emergency parts required for service are stocked at their office in Mumbai which functions round-the-clock.

A Heritage of Leadership in CT Imaging


Sanrad deals exclusively in Toshiba Refurbished CT Scanner systems and provides technical services to all Toshiba users in India and various Asian countries. Sanrad maintains the largest inventory of CT Scan parts and is probably the largest in Asia. Since inception, it has worked only with Toshiba CT Scanner Systems and has constantly introduced the latest technology and the latest products for its customers.

“As on today, Sanrad is the only company providing refurbished Toshiba Multi-slice CT Scanner systems in India. We have till date installed successfully more than 320 Toshiba CT Scanner systems all over India and are the clear leaders in the field of CT business presently in the country,” adds Nair.


Introducing New Technology


1. Permanent MRI with Dynamic Balancing Technology

  • World Highest Field Permanent Open MRI.
  • Low Cost (price and maintenance fees).
  • Comfortable, Non-claustrophobic.
  • Suitable for interventional applications.
  • Star 4500 MRI is the world’s first 4500 Gauss whole body permanent magnet open MRI system which is a milestone in the history of MRI. At 4500 Gauss, XinAoMDT’s mStar 4500 surpassed the open MRI strength limit predicated years ago for permanent magnet systems.
  • Star 4500 MRI system is a brand new product benefiting from Sanrad’s patented Dynamic Balancing technology, whose design philosophy is based on targeting the electromagnetic field. This is achieved by integrating the design of magnet, gradient and RF systems into one process. nStar 4500 MRI, characterised by its high quality images and fast acquisitions, makes the clinical applications of advanced technologies feasible in low-fields.


Leading Technology in OPEN MRI

This  OPEN MRI  system is developed on the basis of an innovative technology protected by several international patents. It is the result of a several years of research and combined efforts by the University of Connecticut and MDT, US since 1998. This effort has been supported by a variety of resources, including the Connecticut Innovative Fund, NIH grants, Hartford Hospital, and the Health Center of the University of Connecticut. It has been reported in the media like Laser World magazine, Radiology and featured in TV programs on CBS.


World’ First  Helium Less  Super conducting 1.5T MRI

For the first time,  we are introducing  a Helium less  superconducting 1.5T  MRI  based on  a revolutionary Japanese  magnet technology from Mitsubishi  and cold head technology from Sumitomo, japan. It is most  state  of art  superconducting  MRI  with the  shortest  length and  large patient aperture.  This  MRI is equipped with the  latest  ultra fast EPI scans and a dedicated  Cardiac  Scan.  This MRI has the lowest  power  consumption  available today in the market and  at the same time industry best gradient and RF  amplifier specifications .  This MRI can be installed  with minimum  space  and  maximum   efficiency.


Customer Care

“Our organization is focused on product quality and customer service and that’s the reason why we have been a specialty company in the field of CT Scanner System. We enjoy a lot of goodwill and respect among the radiologists in India. It is a reputation that is built very assiduously over many years mainly on account of after sales services. We believe in long-standing relationships with both our customers as well as suppliers and treasure our good relationship with them,” says Nair, adding, “We advocate sincerity and credibility. We constantly improve our services to a more considerate, prompt and much higher effective standards.”

A sound sales can only be completed with perfect service. Excellent service means to realise the essence value of the product by probing into the real demand of customers. 24 hours service hotline, delivering warmth and care, well-spread service center knitting a flexible, professional and efficient service network. Highly-qualified service staff, sufficient supply of spare parts, accessories and consumables ensure prompt response. It has harmonious relationship with customers through responsive, effective and standardized service. “Because we care, we eagerly quest customers real needs, and because we care, we assiduously seek strong long-term relationship with customers. In this sense, customers naturally associate with our brand name for a life time,” says Nair.

The Future

Sanrad is bathing the sunshine of a new century and embarking on a radiant career. While enjoying the pleasure of success, it is looking forward to the future. It will bring our advantage of cost-performance to a greater extent, and plant our brand and culture in the hearts of customers.

‘We shall strive to remain leading in providing you with better technology products and become a well-known service solution provider for all sorts of medical and surgical equipments in the world,” says Nair.

The next logical extension of its medical business compels them to expand our product portfolio and cater to the greater needs of healthcare industry. It is shortly introducing the  Digital Cath Lab,  MRI guided  HIFU,  Digital X-Ray Systems, PACS and Tele Radiology to meet its growing customer demand.

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