An Interaction B/w Freshers, Job Goers & Entrepreneurs of Biomedical

A discussion about Problems faced by Potential fresher Biomedical Engineers in India

Banging Voice Of BME Freshers:
1. let me know fr any biomed jobs!! job but its complete field work!! job but nt satisfied wid company!!
4. The main pbm is, got job but scale of pay is very low !!

goz on!!!
but in india recently we ‘vl be having atleast sm gud improvement in medical field!!
then y our arena s stil going so blur??
Without any industrial motivations to biomed engineers, our Biomed field wont be grow up!! hard to digest !!

Al biomed industries mostly recruiting electronics guys!!…thn y nt we bme’s??wt abt us??
June 7 at 10:21pm

Aakash Sen GRt …. Roshan ,…. I agree with you nice step
June 8 at 10:48am

Revan Roshan experience boss!!
June 8 at 9:03pm

Pooja Deshpande Truely said dude its fact
June 8 at 9:40pm

Revan Roshan obviously!! bt we sud nt let be as a fact..need a change n solution our bme group hope der ‘re some directors n owners of sm bm companies..dy knw d value f bme,evendw dy ‘re oly recruiting most of d electronics guys instead f bme’ der any pbm wid bm ppls??
June 8 at 10:03pm

Ajo Mathewkutty all need experinced pepl….bt no 1 is ready to give experince!!
June 9 at 9:37am

Misky Misk Baranadus if you have beeen to school then you have an experience in learning
June 9 at 6:40pm

Ajo Mathewkutty to ?Misky Misk Baranadus: if u telling me……..ten i m talking abt practical knowledge abt servicing of medical instrumnts…..
June 9 at 11:47pm

Nikunj Gala we cant do anything bocoz universities in india hav not designed syllabus well acc to industries.. there is nothing practical study
June 10 at 10:46am

Anuj Chipkar i thnk @ dis fast growin buisness…….
dey need fast people………..
so its better wat ever we get get satisfied well……….
June 10 at 11:55am

Revan Roshan if in industries dy wil provide us a proper training..we ppls also can do a gud job n try fr some thing dy ‘re nt giving opportunities fr wel knowledged freshers…Can anyone say y software field is booming ahead in india??? coz dy wil be giving opportunities for freshers n providing fantastic training..even s/w engg can do..y can’t we??
June 10 at 7:39pm

Pragadheeswaran Venkat ?// job but its complete field work!! // What you mean ? what is wrong in dong field work ? if peoples who are not ready for field work dont come to biomedical job , i have 12 years experinace in biomedical i am daily doing field work dont under estimate field work like service or sales . Biomedical peoples are not ready for field work that why we recruit other discipline
June 10 at 9:15pm

June 10 at 9:17pm

Pragadheeswaran Venkat If you Dare to face hard time w.r.t salary , less comfortable for certain period of time then Biomedical is for you else stick with the stinky jobs
June 10 at 9:37pm

Ashutosh Das to ?Pragadheeswaran Venkat your words are absolutely correct …that if we work in biomedical industry ,,then we have to do field work…..
June 10 at 9:48pm

Pragadheeswaran Venkat BME need not just engineers it needs professionals , doctors after MBBS they work in GH or any hospitals with out thinking of salary , time etc after 3 years they will become not workers they will become professionals like that BME field require only professinals we are looking for not just workers
June 10 at 9:57pm

Revan Roshan to Mr. Pragadheeswaran Venkat i agre wid al ur points..but don’t say that bme ppl’s don’t have knowledge on mechanical & entry level no ppl’s knows nothing even mech & elect guys r also nt practically familiar wid der subjects..Most Al engineers r perfect only when thy wer trained..everyone can do everything..but their is a quality to work with medical electronics..that Biomedical engineers ony can!!!
22 hours ago

Revan Roshan then i come to field work!!! their sud be a perfect CTC for perfect work…but none of firms worrying abt that….coz field work is a complete hard work…do u think 5k to 7k is sufficient to live in of my frnd having 4 years exp in bm servicing…but yet he wil be getting only 18k…but in software my sister having only one year experience now she wil be getting 40k per month..can u say the reason y???
22 hours ago

Revan Roshan One incident ..i went for an interview…thr they recruiting ITI,Diploma in EEE&ECE and BE ECE,EEE& BME for the post of Biomedical engineer..for al grades they ‘ve fixed the compensation as 7.2k per month+allowance…let me come to the point here y we ‘ve studied Biomedical engg …even an ITI guy has given a Biomedial Engineer heading..its kind a funny..but its very hard to realize..

Er Minakshi Shrivastav ?@ Revan Roshan: I agree wid ur all points. one more thing all companies prefer only d male candidate for d entry level post(sales nd services). nothing hv for female candidates but they also learn d same things.

Revan Roshan ha ha ha:) exactly!!!!

Revan Roshan Ms. Er Minakshi Shrivastav….Mr. Pragadheeswaran Venkat wil answer for u!!

Lokesh Jayaram da its your own interest ????????/

Kush Tripathi Dear Mr Revan Roshan . I didn’t wanted to be a part of this discussion because i know both sides of coin your side as well as Mr Pragadheeswaran Venkat ‘s side.
First I will ask you some question
You have a company which manufactures a Notebook
it needs a person who makes paper
It needs a person who binds it
It needs a person who draws some drawing on it…
Now If you have money to spend and you want quality product what will you do
Get the Best Person who is expert in making paper
Get the Best person who binds it
similarly the best person who draws well… now the question is if i bring in a person who has a Btech in paper technology but he doesnt know any of these work then tell me will this all work… that is industry’s problem… they want efficient person who are skilled in their work… mind you ( I am not talking about experience , I am talking about skills)
so why should he hire that Btech paper technology guy who will spoil his work while learning?
In the same way on other side
A fresher Engineer… how will he get experience of the job and work in the industry if anybody wont hire him…
that is a genuine question… but answer to this is company is looking for skills more than experience… if atleast u have some practical skills to make paper, bind it and color it… some basic skills why wont I take you?

Industry needs to define to the colleges that they need ” Particular skills” in the students and colleges can train students accordingly… there is a gap between what industry wants and what student is… so blaming each other wont help

Now coming to IT, Biomedical as IT is not a grown up industry… and moreover investment in an IT industry is very less you need only computers to work on and they are cheap thus infrastructure req is less.. so margins are more thus salaries are more… it is as simple as that… so you cannot compare two professions in terms of pay

Now next thing despite getting experience why a person doesnt go up the ladder…”it is his/ her mistake that person is not able to apply himself and present himself” because everywhere growth is there with experience

Now coming to girl’s issues— females not being recruited

Dear all Madams,
This might sound bad, but this is because of ur ancestors who were female and who were not interested in doing field job coz its hectic so now this has set the trend in market that females cant do hard jobs… moreover u want a job where u can sit n type commands then ur most welcome to MATLAB coding in R&D and IT jobs because u dont want to do hardwork
these words might look harsh but this is what companies people think so they dont recruit

And Companies havent yet recognized Biomedical Engineers Potentially… Its better that we start identifying solutions then posing problems again n again

Madhu Sudhan i agree Kush

Hemraj Chouhan I think its not just biomedical engineer every electronics engineer is facing same problem. What a todays engineer think that I am “Engineer” and so i should be payed. Agree but you should have that type of skills. i am completely agree with Kush Tripathi. One thing every engineer should know that technology growth rate much higher then their current population growth rate as well as their skills growth rate. Experience means not only how many years you have done job. Their should be skills development during this period.

Pragadheeswaran Venkat Most of the engineers GRADUATED not EDUCATED , Rightly said mr.Hemraj Chouhan

Pragadheeswaran Venkat to Mr. Reven when i entered industry with MTech BME degree at 2000 my first salary was 4000 @ Chennai , after 12 years of sacrifice i am in a position to run a BME company with 6 peoples . Er Minakshi Shrivastav in my first company Phonix medical systems all my service team mates Girls only now also i am seeing lot of Coimbatore corporate hospitals BME run by mostly girls only example PSG ,GKNM ,KMCH . it is all how you determine yourself to field .

Pragadheeswaran Venkat even in my in my company 2 girls are there one looking after PCB design and another girls she looking after Electronics both are not biomedical bcoz i fed up after searched BME peoples with PCB design and Electronics design

Anvesh Samineni I agree with Kush Tripathi to better start identifying solutions to these problems..What can be the possible solutions for these problems??

Pragadheeswaran Venkat very simple Anvesh Samineni during the BE course work itself study practical electronics like TV repair , PCB design , Embedded programing or Application programing which is more field oriented . When i was doing my engineering BE i used to go for TV service that is helping me now . very simple . Book study only wont help at all .

Siddharth Nair I don’t know what to comment… Each and every time this same discussion prominently takes place…But none of our fresh socalled “Biomedical Engineers” think why it is so? Someone told no wants to give experience… But I would tell our so called young engineers join a company at a very low pay and then get irritated and within 3-6 months chenge the job, if they are not satisfied why do u join it???? I got my first offer from Infosys, rejected it… 2nd offer was from Asian Heart Hospital, Mumbai – Rejected it because pay was only Rs. 4500 during training period… Then finally within few days got my job in Icon Medical Systems which I felt was satisfying my needs so I joined it and now I am 1year and 1 month old in the same company with a very good pay even higher than someone who told 18k after 4 years of experience.. and also more than many of my friends in I.T industries… SO Moral of the story, you have a good pay in the field, its about your mindset and decisions. You should know what you want first before you can get it…. And why do all fight with the other branches??? You should compete them show all that you are better… Even in I.T more than I.T and CSE ppl other branch ppl are there so what u ppl mean to chuck all out??? U should be competent enough for the world to tell u are the best. I won’t completely agree @Mr. Prasgadheeswaran, Studying the books help in knowing the design well and designing things better.. Practical knowledge helps in implementing and improving the design……….

Ajo Mathewkutty to Siddharth Nair: agree wit u bt my point of is, if i m taking my eg. I am 2011 graduate and gt palced in HCL bt rejected it since i wan to go in our feild. I gt a job as Sales & service engineer in a company and nw its 10 months bt tey didnt give me a single traing of servicing. all i m doing is sales wich i don lik to do.I wanted to as service engineer bt its difficult to get it as freshrs so did llik tis . Nw becz of such profile neither any hospital s hiring nor any company as Saes & service engg. too. All r coming for sales wich i don wan to & wich is nt my aim.Wt shuld i do tell me plz if u can.

Pragadheeswaran Venkat to Mr.Siddharth Nair i am saying book study ONLY not important , note the word only , both are important . again i am telling as a employer we need or the industry need professionals this is surely professional oriented job we do not want just engineers , if want to become professionals need to sacrifice something , tell me why doctors initially work in Govt hospitals with less salary there they are improving their career minimum 3 years of sacrifice and struggle is needed to settle in the industry , it is my own experience , example Mr. Dinesh Kumar he is joined me during his collage days now he is in a corporate company now at mumbai . but atleast he sacrificed a 2 yearswith less salary hard times etc . He is a best example he used to come to office at evening times works something learnt a lot . Now also i am training 6 Biomedical engineers in Intership program . as a small company every day we need to make some money to run the show but in a corporate they can give traing untill peoples start delivering .

Pragadheeswaran Venkat Again here i would like to share the video abt my first boss Mr. Sashi sir who is a best example for all of us who strugled in this industry , first bird he is my inspiration all my life , he is a normal school teacher son rised to this level at the time of 1992 , now we have lot of oppertunities in our industry around us

Pragadheeswaran Venkat

Phoenix Medical Systems

Siddharth Nair I respect your words Mr. Pragadheeswaran Venkat.. I agree about Dinesh. He is my classmate, I know him well. Even without an Industrial trainng I got a good job at the start itself. Its not necessary to join a corporate company is good. Mine is a SME but I am paid infact more than many. Its about a persons mentality. Its not necessary as you say that we should sacrifice two or three years. Its again his will. All have different problems and so some can’t sacrifice. Even If I take myself, I was in no situation to sacrifice my salary when I came out of college, I needed atleast 15k(take away) to start with and I got it so I joined, If that wasn’t what I wouldn’t be in a position to join the company and soon after 6 months when I got confirmed a very good salary hike was provieded in the same SME itself…. In small companies you can grow but selecting it matters a lot… All work to satisfy their needs… Salary plays a very key role in employee’s performance.. I believe if you pay them more they will deliver always higher and better……And also agree sometime this may backfire too….. Ajo Mathewkutty: You need to keep on trying you will get someone who respects your tech knowledege than Marketing Knowledge… Sometimes Patience is the key to success

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