I am a Fresher B.E Biomedical !! What Next??

I think this “title” will be the most familiar thing to you, if not you then it is for me. This is the most common question for which a fresher is seeking answers. The thing is that this question is everywhere but answer is no where. So I thought I should address this issue in the form of a post so that everybody can benefit from it.

Actually the thing is that we are facing joblessness after B.E, it is not because we dont know anything or we aren’t well qualified, the reason is we are lazy as well as unaware or immature about ” What we want from our life?” It might sound Philosophical and offensive but it is cent percent true.

If you are a Biomedical Engineer or pursuing Biomedical Engineering course , then please figure out what you really want to be after your B.E is done or where you see yourself after next 5 years that introspection is really very necessary.

Few Steps are as follows

I joined B.E Biomedical Engineering, now I should think

  • What it is really all about?
  • What I can do in it?
  • What do I like in it? Do I like reading research papers? Do I like talking to people? Do I like to do documentation? Do I like to open up things and see what is inside? Do I want to know what is the history behind each medical device? Do I want to know How Medical Device is made? Do I want to know what is the functionality?
  • The questions mentioned above are some basic introspection which needs to be done…

Once u figure out this u can move on to find what you have to do… Definition of what you want is the most difficult thing ….

suppose I want Job in BioElectronics

what I have to know for that

  • Basics of Circuits and systems
  • Basics of 12th class Physics
  • How to design Circuit in Orcad
  • How to make circuits on Breadboard
  • How to do Soldering
  • Basic Biomedical Circuits

These things are Basics which should be known, Like this is the minimum requirement

If you want to work in Biomaterials and tissue Engineering

  • Basics of chemistry
  • Reaction kinematics
  • cell and tissue culturing techniques
  • How to use various equipment in Biochemistry labs
  • Material properties knowledge
  • Basic information about Biomaterials

Again these are very basic things you should know. People dont want you to be Newton in one day.. see but they seek pure basic knowledge

If you want to sales and marketting

  • learn how to talk to people
  • travelling
  • do politics

See if you still think that you are best and you should be employed, its wrong and one more thing No job is small i have seen many people disregarding the various Job Positions.. you should see whether u will get to learn something or not

HOW to get experience ? When no body is ready to give us Job?

See this is the major problem, the reason is you are not responsible for that . The reason is company people have been getting experienced diploma holders who have 10 yrs experience… why would they take you, now the question is how I can get experience?

If you want Experience… One thing you can do is Join any place for FREE internship tell them you just want to learn and you wont disturb them in their work, you just want a internship certificate after say 3 months… Initially you will have to struggle a bit .. But once you ground your feet you wont need anybody’s support.

why I am saying this is? because you didn’t take up good opportunities in B.E

What we can DO in our Engineering???

You can do some 1 month internship at a hospital and try making contacts with servicing people, if you do a internship in a company, keep in touch with them and keep exploring Job opportunities.

Biomedical field has not yet reached Manufacturing stage that profoundly yet that is the reason you have to follow up these things, so you need to make CONTACTS, if you have good contacts you can land up in good Jobs and internships as well. Because people take the persons whom they trust.

How to make contacts?

Use Linkedin for making contacts… use it to know who all are there … try reaching them email them….

what i will say its not difficult to get job… But u need to get involved in it else it will be difficult

I wonder that people are not doing these things.. those who do get atleast 3-4 Job offers at the end of their B.E and they have to make a choice out of them

if you dont have incampus placements dont crib about it… Do something so that you and your friends can get employed

you can also contact your seniors who are already employed for jobs in their companies, they will recommend you


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