MEDICALL-2012, Biomedical Expo in Chennai

MEDICALL 2012 – Chennai, INDIA: Beyond Hospital & Medical Equipment
The hospital industry is an important component of the value chain in Indian Healthcare industry rendering services and recognized as healthcare delivery segment of the healthcare industry, which is growing at an annual rate of 15%. The size of the Indian healthcare industry is estimated to be a whopping US$ 280 billion by 2022 and slated to grow at 15 % CAGR.
According to a WHO report, India needs to add in excess of 80,000 hospital beds each year for the next 5 years to meet the demands of its growing population. Rising incomes and a growing elderly population are all factors that have triggered the demand for high-quality medical care, transforming the healthcare delivery sector into a profitable industry. In addition, changing demographics, disease profiles and the shift from chronic to lifestyle diseases in the country has led to increased spending on healthcare delivery.

Important Dates : 3rd august-6th august 2012

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