Best Biomedical Engineering Schools in USA

A Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

A Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Undergraduate engineering specialties: Biomedical / Biomedical Engineering (At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate) (perhaps 2007 or 2008)

1 Johns Hopkins University (MD)
2 Duke University (NC)
3 Georgia Institute of Technology *
4 Univ. of California–San Diego *
5 University of Pennsylvania
6 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
7 Case Western Reserve Univ. (OH)
8 Boston University
9 Rice University (TX)
9 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
11 Northwestern University (IL)
12 University of Washington *
13 Stanford University (CA)
14 University of California–Berkeley *
15 Vanderbilt University (TN)
16 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
16 University of Virginia *
16 Washington University in St. Louis
19 Tulane University (LA)
19 University of Texas–Austin *
21 Cornell University (NY)
21 University of Utah *
23 Columbia University (NY)


Ranks for engineering programs as ranked by recruiters from the Wall Street Journal (note these are generic rankings–but they are by recruiters, which is a key distinction vs. having a peer based ranking–ie other departments ranking you) Ideally, I would want a school that perhaps did well on both.:
1. Georgia Tech
2. Purdue (Indiana)
3. University of Maryland
4. University of Illinois-Champlaign
5. Virginia Tech
6. University of Michigan
7. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
8. MIT (Cambridge, MA)
9. Penn State University
10. University of Minnesota
11. Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)
12. University of California at Berkeley
13. Ohio State University
14. Iowa State University
15. North Carolina State University
16. Texas A & M
17. Clemson
18. Cal Tech
19. UCLA
20. University of Wisconsin
21. Carnegie Mellon
22. RPI
23. West Virginia University
24. Arizona State University
25. Texas Tech University

For graduate education for biomedical engineering straight from US News:
1. John Hopkins (Baltimore MD)
2. Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)
3. UC at San Diego
4. Duke University (Durham, NC)
5. University of Washington
6. MIT (Cambridge, MA) [Tie]
6. U Penn (Philly, PA) [Tie]
8. Boston University [Tie]
8. Rice University (Houston, TX) [Tie]
8. Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) [Tie]


Hopefully this will provide a decent range of schools to look at for your biomedical engineering degree as well as provide at least 2 relevant filters for evaluating your options.


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