Lecture notes on Engineering Principles of Radiation Imaging

50pman medical imaging

50pman medical imaging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About the Lectures


The effect of radiation transport and quantum noise on image quality is explored in the context of both conventional and newly developed systems. Radiation sources for imaging, mathematical descriptions of image quality, and the performance of humans as visual observers are covered. Specific systems considered include phosphor screen and direct digital radiography systems, Anger camera systems, x-ray computed tomography (CT) systems, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) systems. Particular emphasis is given to the statistical processes important in radiographic and nuclear medicine imaging systems.


Lecture 1 : slides(pdf,4.6MB) , printview(pdf,2.1MB): Introduction


Lecture 2: slides(pdf,1.5MB) , printview(pdf,1.0MB): Radiation Physics


Lecture 3: slides(pdf,3.2MB) , printview(pdf,1.8MB): Radiation Sources and X rays


Lecture 4: slides(pdf,1.6MB) , printview(pdf,1.1MB): Radiation Sources and Gamma Rays


Lecture 5: slides(pdf,3.3MB) , printview(pdf,1.8MB): Radiographic image formation


Lecture 6:slides(pdf,3.4MB) , printview(pdf,1.8MB): Radioisotope image formation


Lecture 7:slides(pdf,3.3MB) , printview(pdf,1.8MB): Metrics of Image quality


Lecture 8:slides(pdf,2.4MB) , printview(pdf,1.2MB): Radiation Detection


Lecture 9: slides(pdf,6.1MB) , printview(pdf,3.1MB)Nuclear Medicine Detectors


Lecture 10: slides(pdf,5.0MB) , printview(pdf,3.4MB):  Xray imaging Detectors


Lecture 11: slides(pdf,7.4MB) , printview(pdf,3.6MB): Computed Tomography


Lecture 12: slides(pdf,8.0MB) , printview(pdf,3.3MB): Image Display


Lecture 13: slides(pdf,4.0MB) , printview(pdf,1.6MB): Observer Performance


Computed Radiography TechnologyDownload


Digital Radiography


  • Digital Radiography technology- Download
  • Image Presentation and Display- Download
  • Principles of  Cathode ray tube and Liquid crystal devices – Download
  • Processing Digital Radiographs – Download
  • Visual Requirement for high fidelity display – Download






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