Jugaadathon- India’s First Open Source Healthcare Hackathon, Kolkata

Jugaadathon is India’s first open healthcare hack-a-thon which will involve professionals and students from diverse backgrounds – coders, hobbyists, designers, health experts, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs – from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.


About Event

The event, to be held in Kolkata from 24th-26th January, 2014, will bring together more than 100 participants who will put on their creative hats and work together to discuss and address real world medical problems by developing new and innovative solutions, ranging from At-home Monitoring Solutions, Mobile Applications, Improved Software Algorithms for Healthcare Applications or Medical Equipment for Hospital Usage.

The hackathon will comprise of nearly 30 hours of straight hacking during which teams will design, build and pitch solutions to solve some of India’s most pressing healthcare challenges. The participants will be joined by faculty, researchers and students from MIT, Harvard Medical School and MGH, as well as Indian entrepreneurs from tech and healthcare, who will act as mentors & facilitators throughout this fun & crazy weekend.

Such a collaborative effort is bound to have a massive impact on healthcare in this country, and what better time to celebrate this innovation than on Republic Day weekend. You bring the talent, the passion, and the desire to innovate and change the healthcare system. We’ll bring the rest including prizes worth Rupees Fifty Thousand.

We look forward to your presence at the event and are extremely honored to be hosting it.

Important dates

24-26th January 2014

How to Apply?

The application form is also available as a word document, in case you prefer to fill it up offline and email it to us at jugaad@ghspl.com.



3B 207, Ecospace Business Park, Newtown, Kolkata 700156
Phone: +91 86979 85069
E-mail: jugaad@ghspl.com

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