Biomedical project Competition in NIT Raipur

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Vigyan is here again…………

The TechnoCracy (Technical Committee) of NIT Raipur brings you Vigyan……

Vigyan invites participants from various branches to apply their domain specific knowledge to the problems for the betterment of Human society…..!!!!

Here are the problem Statements for Biomedical Engg. Domain:-

1. Design a Blind Stick285 million people are visually impaired worldwide according to WHO statistics. A huge chunk of this people lives in the developing world. Scientists and engineers all over the world are going beyond the boundaries of their disciplines to innovate and come up with solutions for addressing the needs of the visually impaired people. The challenge is to design a path navigating stick to guide the visually impaired patients.

2. Device a Voice Recognition based Wheel Chair Control System

There are thousands of disabled people in Asia and many face discrimination on a regular basis which takes many forms. Very few employers hire disabled people as the latter is considered more a liability than an asset in the organization. The challenge is to design a voice recognition based wheel chair control system for physically disabled patients.

  1. Design a Breathing Sensor for Sleeping Pattern Analysis

    There is at present no computerized method for automatic evaluation of polygraphic sleep recordings including electroencephalograms (EEG) that gives result as accurate and consistent as the analysis made by a well-trained human observer. However even if the tedious sleep stage evaluation must still be done manually, a computer may be used with advantage to identify and visualize patterns in the large amount of data obtained from the manual classification of sleep records. The Challenge is to design a breathing sensor for sleeping pattern analysis.

  2. Design a software for Hospital Emergency Monitoring System.

    It has been observed that in town hospitals one doctor has to monitor 20-30 patients at a time. The condition of patients continuously keeps on changing and hence patients are not equally monitored. The Challenge is to design software for Hospital Emergency Monitoring System so that doctor can monitor all the patients equally and will generate emergency alarm if any of the patient’s condition is critical.

  3. Design a virtual model for upper or lower limb prosthesis.

    Due to the increasing rate of amputations, there is an ever-growing demand for prosthetic limbs. Next to an immediate need for a person’s initial prosthetic limb, multiple replacement limbs and repairs are necessary over a lifetime. Hence Modeling of prosthetic limbs is very important to check its characteristics. The challenge is to design a virtual model for upper or lower limb prosthesis using software like AutoCAD, ANSYS, MIMICS etc.

Last Date of abstract submission 29th Sept’14

For Detail check the website “”

Problems designed by: Palash Thakur
For Further Queries Contact:
Palash Thakur
Core Member, TechnoCracy
6t Sem, Biomedical Engineering


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