12th National Conference And Technology Exhibition on medical devices

12th National Conference And Technology Exhibition On
Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables / Implants Industry 2015

Pioneer & The Only Event For Medical Disposables & Implants Industry

January 910, 2015
Venue: J.B. Auditorium, Ahmedabad Management Association, IIM Road, Ahmedabad, India


An Exhibition Displaying materials, adhesives, new technologies, manufacturing / testing equipments, packaging / sterilization equipments and services for medical devices and medical plastics disposables industry

With Special Focus On
  • Medical Polymers and Processing

  • Medical Textiles / Other Materials

  • Device Manufacturing

  • Quality Assurance & Certification

  • Regulations

  • Market Trends & Export Marketing

  • Technology

  • Research & Market Developments

  • Packaging & Sterilization

Student Programme

  • Interaction With Medical Technology Industry And Research Organization

  • Career Opportunities For Biomedical Engineers In Industry, Research, Quality Management

  • Paper Presentation & Poster Competition

Profile Of Exhibits
  • Manufacturing Equipments

  • Medical Components And Subassemblies

  • Polymeric & Other Raw Materials

  • Packaging, Printing & Sterilization Supplies

  • Adhesives, Clean Room Supplies

  • Laboratory Equipments & Supplies

  • Services For: Manufacturing, Quality Testing, Quality Certification, Technology, Marketing etc.

  • Industry Associations, Publications & Information Providers

Who Can Attend The Conference And Visit The Exhibition
  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Drug Packagers

  • Research Organisations

  • Quality Certification Agencies

  • Regulatory Agencies

  • Designers

  • Manufacturers Of Tubes And Injection Moulded Components

  • Manufacturers Of Clean Room & Sterilisation Supplies

  • Medical Plastics Processors

  • Plastics and Additive Producers

  • Machinery Suppliers

  • Universities And Testing Laboratories

  • Financial Institutions

  • New Entrepreneurs

Profile Of Expert Speakers
  • Industry Leaders & Experts from Frontline Companies
  • Technology, Services, Materials & Manufacturing Professionals & Experts
  • Authorities From Regulatory & Government Organizations
  • Experts From Research, Training & Quality Certification Organizations
  • Medical Device Industry Professionals
  • Doctors, Medical Professionals & Hospital Management Executives
  • Academia and Allied professionals
Reasons To Participate
  • Opportunity To Interact Directly With The Industry Leaders & Experts

  • Collaborate With Technology Suppliers & Service Providers

  • Showcase of Recent Technology

  • Visibility: Leverage Branding Opportunities And Exhibition

  • Identified Best Practice Presentations By Industry Leaders & Technology Experts

  • Panel Discussions

  • Distribution Of Large Number Of Conference Papers, Publications, Catalogues From Indian And Foreign Companies

The event is an unique and only opportunity in India to reach Indian Medical Device and Plastics Disposables Industry by participation as follows:

  • Time slots for presentation during the conference

  • Exhibition in the “Technology Display Show Exhibition”

  • Advertising in the publication (MEDICAL PLASTICS DATA SERVICE) to be circulated to the participants as well as to the subscribers all over India

  • Distribution of your product catalogues during the event

  • Catalogue Show Low-Cost, Low-Risk Opportunity to Promote Your Company

The exhibition space includes limited number of built- up stalls of sizes 6 sq. mt. and 9 sq. mt. along with Table Top Display area.

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