Biomedical Systems Engineer Job in GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare
Healthcare Detection & Guidance Solution
Systems Engineer
The Systems Engineer has design responsibility to deliver customer workflow, feature functionality, product quality, reliability, serviceability, manufacturability, regulatory, compliance, and cost. Activities include requirements development, traceability and flow down, CTQ identification and flowdown, architecture / system design and analysis, FMEA, developing/executing System V&V procedures, and providing support to manufacturing and field issues for complex topics.
Duties include (but are not limited to):
1. Providing domain expertise to serve as the main integrator between the hardware and software functions to deliver the best high quality product
2. Working across functions and team boundaries to define, design, and implement technology solutions on NPI programs
3. Working with customers, Marketing and field personnel to refine requirements which can be refined by the engineering teams
4. Developing methods to quantify subsystem interactions and their effects on image quality
5. Delivering and incorporating feedback results into new hardware, software and service specifications
6. Drive system and subsystem assessments and predictions during design
7. Make design recommendations to improve reliability and resolve conflicting requirements Implement reliability growth and/or qualification tests to validate predictions.
8. Review necessary support documentation and maintain documentation for each test in a neat and organized fashion.
9. Offers suggestions to refine and automate test procedures; Prioritize and schedule testing
10. Perform basic trouble shooting encompassing multiple variables and unknowns to achieve root cause analysis and problem resolution. Conduct experiments and diagnostic tests, as required to draw conclusions.
11. Leverages knowledge in advanced aspects of technical/functional areas and applies technical theory and practical experience with input from relevant functional areas to solve complex problems
12. works independently and possesses a level of functional expertise necessary to influence and execute technical and project delivery execution
13. works with patient/customers and/or program leadership to ensure that the project deliverables are consistent with the goals of larger programs or initiatives
14. Supports mentoring of junior technical talent
15. Accountable for implementing and teaching engineering standards
16. Owns the technologies that support competitive technical differentiation
1. Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or closely related discipline and 4 years experience in a technical discipline
2. Proven ability to develop timely and effective solutions for challenging design problems
3. Demonstrated problem-solving techniques
4. Demonstrated ability to make recommendations to technical and program leadership to improve the product, process or technology
5. Effective communication skills and boundaryless behavior—ability to present ideas clearly and concisely
6 Proficient in the use of software tools for analysis and simulation (MATLAB, etc)
7. Demonstrated ability to pursue tasks to completion
8. Broad exposure to HW/SW/Systems design, and technical depth in one or more engineering disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Software, etc)

Quality Specific Goals:
1. Aware of and comply with the GEHC Quality Manual, Quality Management System, Quality Management Policy, Quality Goals, and applicable laws and regulations as they apply to this job type/position.

2. Complete all planned Quality & Compliance training within the defined deadlines.

3. Identify and report any quality or compliance concerns and take immediate corrective action as required

1. Bachelor or Masters Engineering degree or other closely related fields
2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
3. Self-starter, energizing, results oriented, and able to multi-task
4. Demonstrated problem solving ability and results orientation

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