Smartphone for Ophthalmology

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Modern smartphones can detect your heart rate and blood oxygen content; but pretty soon, they’ll also be able to detect common health related issues. The researchers at the Medical and Surgical Center for Retina along with biomedical engineers from the ITESM have developed a special software for smartphone that can detect eye diseases like diabetic macular edema. The software relies on the camera on the smartphone to perform the test that detects any abnormality in the thickness of retina.

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Dr. Juan Carlos Altamirano Vallejo, the medical director at the MSCR said that the technology will not replace the specialist but help detect the disease early so that it can be treated. The software will help general physicians who may not have in-depth knowledge of ophthalmology detect eye diseases and refer the patients to the specialists.

The software running on cell phone can quickly detect abnormalities just by holding the camera in front eye. The software eliminates the need to bring sophisticated equipment needed for ophthalmology to remote areas by providing an early diagnosis.

Source: Science Daily

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