Biomedical Job Openings in South

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We are a  organisation distributing international renowned brands  of medical equipment having application in ENT field and associated areas.  we are in the industry with  various other business activities in same field  for more than 3 decades

We are  looking for sales and service engineers to market these products by candidates who  have   experience  in marketing   products like endoscope and equipment to specialty departments.
Candidates must have prior experience of 1 to 3 years in marketing ,meeting doctors/ hospitals and installation , of similar products and experience in servicing of these equipment.
Candidates  experienced in covering more than 1 state in South is preferable with knowledge of other languages.They must be in a position to travel.
Likely package varies from Rs 25000 to rs 40 000  depending on the previous experience.
No of post 2.(   sr and jr) –  sales and service engineers
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