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Research Fellowship for Masters in Biomedical Engineering in Australia

The Lympheodema Support Group, Wollongong announce MSc (Research) Scholarship in the field of Exercise Science, Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, Physics or a related discipline, Australia

Study Subject(s):Exercise Science, Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, Physics or a related discipline
Course Level:MSc
Scholarship Provider: The Lympheodema Support Group, Wollongong.
Scholarship can be taken at: Australia

Graduate Research Assistant in Biomedical Engineering required in USA

  1. Position description:

    Two Graduate Research Assistant positions in Biophotonics / Biomedical Optical Imaging are available at Lehigh University starting in Fall 2012. The purpose of these positions is for highly motivated individuals to pursue a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or Bioengineering.


    B.S. or M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering or related fields before June 2012. Excellent academic records. Good spoken and written English. Demonstrated strong research experience and/or strong programming skills (C++, Labview, and Matlab) are preferred.


    Research areas:

    The candidate will work with Dr. Chao Zhou and a Postdoctoral Associate in the lab on one of the following research areas and/or develop new research directions:

    • Novel contrast for OCT/OCM

How to have your Statement of Purpose, actually state your purpose!

Mandatory to anyone intending on pursuing further studies… it a Master”s or PhD or even an undergraduate program. I presume that everyone reading this post, have heard about a “statement of purpose”! In the link given below are a few tips on framing a good one.

How to nail your scholarship essay?

Any university abroad (especially USA) asks for an essay regarding certain specific points. These vary from one”s cultural diversity to any prior community work done. On the whole a candidate is selected based on his/her essay as to how he/she proves him/herself worthy of joining that University and how the university would benefit.

Find few tips on a successful essay, in the link below.


Department of Computer Science and Centre for Complexity Science, University of Warwick, UK

Fixed Term Contract for 3 years with start date 1 February 2011 (or as soon as possible thereafter)

You will work on a project funded by the BBSRC that aims to investigate the role of calcium dynamics in neuronal computation underlying important brain functions. The project will be led by Dr Y Timofeeva and run in collaboration with experimentalists at Oxford and Cambridge.


I have generalised a few set of rules with which you can decide that how you should approach for a PhD abroad. Actually the thing is that Biomedical is a quite growing field if  you will see the prospective of going abroad n studying there. Biomedical encompasses so many sub fields that it becomes very difficult for the students to choose the schools for themselves.

Here is where most of us make mistake.