Collaboration has been involved in being media partner for various Biomedical events happening around the India. Now opens its doors to

a) Medical device companies

b) Educational and research institutes

c) Training Institutes

d) Websites

Advantages of Collaborating with

For medical device companies

  1. Reach out to the talented pool of students with the job opportunities  FREE OF COST ( whereas other job boards cost money)
  2. ranks among top results of google with the keyword “Biomedical Jobs”
  3. Free listing of the products, which will drive the sales and reduce marketing cost

For educational and research institutes

  1. Exclusive job offers and campus placements for the collaborating institute
  2. Educational source for the students of Biomedical Engineering
  3. First hand information about various events happening around the world
  4. Promotion of Biomedical events carried out by the department of Biomedical Engineering
  5. Organization of Seminars and workshops for motivating students about Biomedical Engineering
  6. Promotion of student talent by publishing their articles in
  7. Special discounts on workshops conducted by collaborating training institutes and companies

Training Institutes

  1. Access to all the Biomedical Engineering students of the country
  2. Direct access to the collaborating institute students through
  3. Conducting events and workshops in Educational institutions


  1. Impressions to the largest population in the world
  2. Impressions to the Medical Device companies and research Institute


To Become a Collaborator of BIOMEDIKAL.IN just send an email to with the subject
Interested in collaboration with

Email should contain

  • your organization portfolio
  • website
  • contact details
  • High resolution Logo of your organization
  • Purpose of Collaborating with


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