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Nanoholes and Nanoparticles: Applications to Biomedical Microdevices

Biomedical microdevices include any miniaturized devices or systems for biomedical or biological applications, from simple sensors for monitoring a single biological, to complex micro total analysis or lab-on-a-chip instruments that integrate multiple laboratory functions together with microfluidic sample manipulation. Biomedical microdevice and systems research is an exciting multi-disciplinary field intersecting engineering, physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Micromachining, originally based in the microelectronic industry, forms the foundation for this exciting field, in which biosensors, microchannel fluid transport, and other micro mechanical, optical, chemical, and fluidic components are fabricated and integrated for applications ranging from monitoring biofluid levels and bed side rapid diagnosis to studying single cell antibody production. Furthermore, micromachining can be combined with nanostructures or nanomaterials to result in new technologies and techniques that continue to advance the field in new ways.