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International Conference on Biomedical Systems, Signals & images

International Conference on Biomedical Systems, Signals & images

“Progressing Towards Quality Healthcare Research and delivery”

28th November to 1st December 2012

IIT Madras, Chennai, TamilNadu, India

Important dates

Paper Submission– 1st June to 31st July 2012

Paper Acceptance- 15 August 2012
First Call for Papers intents to provide an arena for researchers in academia and Industry to deliberate on all current aspects of biomedical engineering and Healthcare technologies

Papers are invited in the following topics, but not limited to

Biomedical Revolution National Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Nagercoil, 16th March


We are extremely happy to inform you that we are organising the First national Conference on BIOMED-REVOLUTION (BIOMED-REV 2012) on 16TH MARCH 2012,Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India.



Date of Function: 16TH MARCH 2012
This conference is exclusively focused on BIO-MEDICAL REVOLUTION’S. This conference is arranged specially for the benefit of  Research workers, Physicians, Young Investigators and Bio-medical Engineers, making it a truly interdisciplinary conference. The goal of the conference emphasizes interdisciplinary research on Artificial Intelligence, Bio-materials, Bio-informatics, Medical Instrumentation, Nano-Technology, Bio-signal and Medical Image Processing, VLSI, Artificial organs & embedded system, MEMS etc…

Lecture notes on Medical Informatics

Introduction 2008 [pdf]
Modelling [pdf]Introduction (Zlatko Trajanoski) [pdf]
Introduction to SVM (Vojislav Kecman) [pdf]
Basics of Support Vector Machines (Vojislav Kecman) [pdf]
Gene Expression Clustering (Alexander Sturn) [pdf]
Neural Networks (Zlatko Trajanoski) [pdf]
PCA (Zlatko Trajanoski) [pdf]
SOM (Zlatko Trajanoski) [pdf]
Decision Trees (Zlatko Trajanoski) [pdf]
Introduction to Probability Theory (Fatima Sanchez Cabo) [pdf]
Introduction to Statistical Inference (Fatima Sanchez Cabo) [pdf]
ELGA and eHealth (Karl Pfeiffer) [pdf]

Combined document (contains all of the documents above) [pdf]

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Biomedical Engineer Teaching Job in Malaysia (High Package)

Free recruitment & Urgent requirement for a reputed university in Malaysia

Faculty of Engineering and Technology in Biomedical Engineering

Candidates having PHD qualification in any area of Biomedical Engineering specializing in Biomedical sensors, Biomechanics and Clinical Engineering. Any areas of Robotics and Automation engineering including but not limited to advanced robotics/ industrial automation/ artificial intelligence/ Machine vision/ mechatronics/ embedded systems.

Good track record in Research,Scientific publication and thesis supervision
Strong interest in teaching, scholarly activities and developing people

Professionals with Industrial experience are encouraged to apply.

Competitive salary and benefits await successful candidates


PhD position in Bioelectronics & Neuroscience in University of West sydney





The  Bioelectronics Neuroscience (BENS) Research Group, within the College of Health and Science, is seeking  an excellent Doctoral candidate to commence a project in Spring Session 2011.  The project title is: potential biomedical applications of gas array sensor technologies using dedicated VLSI hardware implementing Bayesian Inference for pattern recognition and classification tasks.

Unlike the majority of the current research in the field, the implementation would focus on developing low-power, portable systems through tightly integrated sensor and classification hardware.  This approach should yield a low-cost, highly efficient and reproducible sensor platform which can be tailored, through the selection of sensors, to detect the presence of a wide array of organic compounds.

BIOSTEC 2012:5TH International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems & Technology


The purpose of BIOSTEC is to bring together researchers and practitioners, including engineers, biologists, health professionals and informatics/computer scientists, interested in both theoretical advances and applications of information systems, artificial intelligence, signal processing, electronics and other engineering tools in knowledge areas related to biology and medicine.
BIOSTEC is composed of four co-located conferences, each specialized in at least one of the aforementioned main knowledge areas.

International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices
International Conference on Bioinformatics Models, Methods and Algorithms
International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing