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Are Refurbished Medical Equipments Dangerous:Kerala

Kochi: People who go for a CT scan or x-ray at hospitals and diagnostic centres in Kerala may be atserious radiation risk as many medical institutions in the state use junk X-ray tubes and CT scan machines that are discarded by Europe and the US.
Radiation devices,mainly X-ray tubes,whose fiveyear life term has expired,are being imported to Kerala in large numbersfrom theUS and Europe.Such devices cause serious health hazards.
We have alerted theAtomic Energy Regulatory Board about the import of poor quality radiation devices and itisup totheboardtotake a final call on permitting import of such devices, a senior official in the state health and family welfare department,who requested anonymity,said.
Following expert advice,the state government has decided to set up a Directorate of Radiation Safety (DRS ) to conduct quality check on all radiation devices used in hospitals and other institutions.This is the first time that such a body is being set up in the country.
Preliminary probes have revealed that the majority of imported devices are banned in the US and Europe due to high radiation risk, the official said.
According to data available with the state government,there are 2,500 centres in the state,which use over 6,000 radiation devices,including dental Xray,for diagnostic purposes.The government has decided to act on its own to check the quality of the radiation devices.In another two months time,the state will have DRS to check the quality and radiation level of the devices installed at all diagnostic centres and hospitals in the state, said DRS director-designate K A Davis.
Currently,a few private agencies are conducting quality checkof radiation devices.But they enter into an unholy nexus with diagnostic centres to issue certificates.The DRS will conduct a mandatory periodic quality check of the devices at all hospitals and diagnostic centres.Above all,centres planning to install new devices should get it approved from the DRS after a spot inspection, Davis explained.

BioMarkers Playing important role in diagnosing Fatal Diseases

A new research paper sheds light on the way antibodies distinguish between different but closely related ‘biomarkers’ – proteins which reveal information about the condition of the human body. This new understanding could enable pharmaceutical companies to develop new technologies for quickly diagnosing and treating fatal diseases.

All diseases have proteins, or concentrations of proteins, specifically linked to them called biomarkers. Identifying these can prove a powerful diagnostic tool. These biomarkers are detected by immunoassays – a test which mixes a substance (eg blood, urine) with antibodies, which bind to the protein if it is present. The antibodies can then be measured to identify the level of the biomarker, which in turn indicates the presence and extent of an illness.

What are the various Bio-Accoustic Signals present in human Body?

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Bioacoustic signals (BAS) are defined as a family of signals that includes the sounds produced by the human body, whereas, in general, the study of sounds produced by living organisms is referred to as bioacoustics. As BAS are the audible outcome emitted from the human body, they possess valuable diagnostic information regarding the functionality of the human organs involved in the sound production mechanisms.

Application Specialist Biomedical Jobs in Hyderabad

Company Profile

BioGenex is a fully integrated company engaged in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of the most automated molecular diagnostic systems in world for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection of cancer. The company has recently developed a centre of excellence for robotics and development of molecular diagnostics and markets its products in 60+ countries through multiple-channels of distribution.BioGenex Laboratories Inc is headquartered in Fremont, California. BioGenex, is a technology leader in Molecular Pathology, provides a Total Solution for complete automation of cell and tissue-testing.BioGenex is an innovator and offers various antibodies, detection kits, ancillary reagents and medical diagnostic equipments probes, special stains, automated staining and imaging systems for use in Molecular Pathology. Since its inception, BioGenex has established a technological leadership position in automating processes for cell and tissue preparation and analysis


Got cancer Simple breath test can tell

Device Detects Disease Even Before Tumours Become Visible In X-Rays London: Scientists working on a breath test to detect cancer said they were now able to identify different types of the disease,in research to be published on Wednesday.

Their preliminary results,to be printed in the British Journal of Cancer,showed the researchers sensors could distinguish whether a patient had lung,breast,bowel or prostate cancer,irrespective of age,gender or lifestyle. Previous research,conducted at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in the northern port city of Haifa,found that they could largely distinguish between the breath of healthy patients and cancer sufferers.



Table 54.1

Pain Sensitivities of Structures in the Head
Sensitive Insensitive
Extracranial Skin, muscles, fascia Blood vessels Mucosa of sinuses Dental structures Skull (except periosteum)
Intracranial Large arteries near circle of Willis Parenchyma of brain
Large venous sinuses Pia mater, arachnoid mater, parts of duramater
Dural arteries and parts of dura Ependyma, choroid plexus