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Biomedical Summer Internship in Kapalin Biosciences



Kapalin BioSciences invites applications for Summer internships from B.E Biomedical Engineers.

No of positions :10

Role: Industrial Sales internship

Location: Bangalore. Karnataka

Job Description


– Marketing and sales profile with servicing and demo in hospitals..
-Highly motivated and zeal to work.
-Go getter attitude.
-Able to handle High profile neuro surgeons.
-Ability of setting up Distribution network will be prefered.
-Highly desirous and capable candidate will be prefered.
-Performers will be offered Pre Placement Offer.


Points to Consider Before applying for Fresher Biomedical Job

You are a biomedical engineering graduate. You already passed the actual licensure evaluation. What’s next? Apply for a biomedical engineering work. Are you nervous that you might get rejected? No worries, here are some tips that may help you get recognized to do the job you wanted.

* Choose the biomedical engineering job opportunities appropriate for you. Where could it be located? Is it necessary to transport to get presently there? The location is very important that you should consider. Think about, are you able to get the job done? You should guarantee your self that you can do the job effectively before you apply. Know the salary and benefits they offer. Review all of your feasible expenses and compare it for your income and benefits. You should generate a lot more than your costs.

How to write Good resume For Biomedical Engineering Jobs?

Working as a Biomedical professional is an amazingly rewarding career. Not only do you get to help individuals physically and emotionally, but you have a chance to work in a stimulating environment.

The great news is that Biomedical professionals are in high demand, which means there are a lot of jobs out there waiting for you. But this doesn’t mean you will automatically score any job you apply for. You still need to create a great resume to get your foot in the door. Here are some tips to get it done:

Choose Between the Resume and CV


In today’s fast coming up world we can say that every one is moving towards excellence and desires excellence in all the work he undertakes

Now I would like to highlight some facts about our country.Here prime motive to study is to get a good job as people believe in the fact that a educated person can get a better job as compared to an uneducated mate.

All want to be good engineers , doctors , commerce graduates but no one want to learn the things, This is because of the fact that presently our education system has become cash oriented rather then being knowledge oriented .


According to surveys biomedical engineering field is most upcoming field all over the world

breakthroughs in biomedical field have been the most in last decade or so!

According to surveys
The “Healthcare Economy” is booming every day and after like the graph below:

Per Capita Healthcare spending (USA)  will increase by >10% in 2002 and is expected to be over 20% of GDP by 2025

What Will Be the 10 Hottest Jobs?

  • What sorts of companies hire biomedical engineers?
  • Should I plan on getting a PhD?
  • What is a typical career path in industry?