Call for Abstracts-23rd European Conference on Biomaterials, the Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials, September 11 – 15, 2010


CNS = Central Nervous System
CVS = Cardio Vascular System
CMF = Cranio-Maxillo Facial
ENT = Ear, Nose and Throat

Dates & Deadlines:

Deadline for oral presentations January 25th, 2010
Deadline for poster presentations March 15th, 2010
Notification of acceptance and mode of presentation (oral or poster) or rejection of abstracts in week 17 (end of April).

General Information

1. The abstract must be written in English.
2. Deadline: abstracts MUST BE RECEIVED no later than January 25, 2010
for oral and keynote presentations, and by March 15, 2010 for
3. Please indicate the presenting category (keynote, oral, or poster).
4. The abstract must be submitted online.
5. Presenting authors must pay the registration fee and attend the meeting.
Authors of accepted abstracts will not be provided with travel funds.
6. All accepted abstracts will be exhibited throughout the duration of the

Content of the Abstract

1. Abstracts are limited to 300 words.
2. Body of abstract: purpose of the study, methods used, summary of the
results and conclusion reached.
3. Please try to limit your author list to 10 people.
4. Use standard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time
it appears. You must send two versions of your abstract
1. Abstract for blind review (without any names or details of the author!)
2. Abstract for proceedings

Before you log in to start the abstract submission, kindly view the ESB2010 abstract templates to check the requested abstract format.

The required styles illustrated in this Microsoft Word document, must be used as a template for production of abstracts: replace the relevant text shown with your own corresponding sections. The easiest way to use this abstract form is by cutting and pasting of unformatted text into the template to maintain the documents present format.

Abstracts must not exceed one page or 3 Mb in size. Please submit the abstract as a Word document (doc-format) for Windows


Abstract submission


New users
To log in for the first time, you have to request a password. On the welcome page select the “Request a password and submit abstract >>” link.

Registered users
If you have already received a password select the “Log in to view, review and manage abstracts >>” link to log in.

How to return to welcome page?
If you made a wrong (or an incorrect) selection, click the browser’s back button to return to the welcome page.

If your login fails
If your login fails with the error message “The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded…”, please check that cookies are enabled on your browser. After you have enabled cookies, (restart your browser) and try to log in again.

To be able to submit your abstract, you need an e-mail address and you need to be able to read new mail sent to you during the submission process. If you cannot read new mail, you will not be able to complete the submission. This ensures that the e-mail address is typed correctly and you will be able to receive important messages regarding the status of the abstract.



Abstract submission consists of the following steps (please follow instructions given by submission wizard):

Enter your e-mail address.
A message containing a password is sent to the e-mail address you specified.
Enter the password to proceed with submitting the abstract.
Enter your name, affiliation and address.
Enter the abstract title, authors and requirements.
Enter the abstract text for blind review. Select presentation type and keywords.
Submit the abstract file (in .doc-format for editorial work).
A summary of the submitted information is displayed. Check that the information is correct and accept it by clicking the “Submit” button. The abstract is now ready to be reviewed.
No additional e-mail confirmation will be sent. To check that your abstract is completed successfully, please log in any time you want into the service with your credentials.
Please check that your personal information is correct (click the “Profile” link for details).
You can edit abstract details until it is assigned to a reviewer.


Submission deadline
Deadline for oral presentations is January 25, 2010, and the deadline for poster presentations is March 15, 2010.

Notification of acceptance or rejection
You will be notified of the mode of your presentation (oral or poster) or rejection of your abstract at the end of April, week 17. At the same time you will be informed about the poster board size and given guidelines for your oral presentation.

If an abstract for oral presentation is rejected, it will automatically be reviewed as a poster abstract. There is therefore no need to submit two separate abstracts for the same subject.

NOTE: It is the authors’ responsibility to proofread the abstract carefully before accepting the submission.

Please submit your abstract here

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