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  1. swetha mohan

    i am interested in doing an internship in biomedical engineering in Hyderabad.
    i am not finding any institution or organization which is offering it. Cna u help me out in finding one. I would like to do it in October’10 or January’11

  2. sumanayu

    hey buddy
    how do i get d latest updates for any job related to biomedical engineering kindly give me some links or suitable information soon.
    thanking you

  3. Rushikesh

    hello,sir i would like to do certified coarse in biomedical engg frm sept-10 onwards in mumbai,plz do help me to get the coarse in less fees

  4. Amartya Ganguly

    Hi Kush,
    You should add more content in you Biomechanics section. Basically biomechanics follows a lot of robotic mathematical laws and the involves in -depth matrices and determinants. If you can add them it would be really good. The reason I a asking you to do this since India is growing in prosthetic design research and the knowledge of robotics and biomechanics is now essential. NIOH and WorthTrust, Jaipur Legs are important institutions for such research.

    Excellent website.

  5. Mrs.Bhavika rajurkar

    great work ! I can understand ur struggle to be successful in biomedical engineering field.Some peoples make this feild commercial,though biomedical engineering graduate has very good knowledge of human physiology,anatomy,reactions,human body being a self circuitry on application of stimulations,and good designer of medicals equipments accordingly ,He has very good knowlege of pateint safety and electrical hazards.But unfortunately,in India doctors ,hospital organisations consider biomedical engineers can do documentation and small repairs.They are not using the full potential of biomedical engineering knowledge. 
    …..Mrs.Bhavika M. rajurkar


    1. kush20006


      Kush Tripathi

      PhD Scholar (Biomedical Devices and Technology)
      IIT Madras, CMC Vellore, SCTIMST Trivandrum

      Room Number 129, Krishna Hostel
      IIT Madras, Chennai-600036

      Founder & Editor,

  6. Shruti

    Sir I would like to join the internship or workshop program in July 2013 for 15 days in Mumbai.Kindly help me with the schedule of the workshop n internship program 


    Dear Mr. Kush Tripathi, My son is a final year Biomedical Engineering student at Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology under  Calicut University in Kerala.  As a part of the study, the final year Biomedical Engineering students are planning to visit some of the reputable Biomedical Engineering manufacturing companies/plants in Mumbai or other cities in India very soon.  In this regard, I would appreciate if you kindly inform me the name and address/phone number/email ID of some reputable Biomedical Engineering manufacturing companies/plants/factories in Mumbai or other cities in India.  Please send me your reply to my email ID: nkbasheer2000@yahoo.com.  Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and look forward to receiving your reply at your earliest convenience.  Thanks & Regards, N.K. Basheer, Chiyoda Petrostar Ltd., P.O. Box 31707, Al-Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia. Mobile: 00966-503-873-162 or Office: 00966-3-8640839, 8980034.

  8. Shikha Gupta

    Sir i have done B.E. in 2009 and also done MBA in HR am also working in Choithram hospital indore as a Biomedical engineer since 2 &1/2 year ,
    i want to join intrnship so plz suggest me.

  9. Sivakumar

    Dear Kush tirupathi ,

    I have vacancy in my company which deals with critical care and OT equipments. We are doing service for all types of Critical and OT equipments. we are looking for ECE and BME students.(BME preferred). Freshers only intrested candidates pls send your resume to a.sivakumar@zigmameditech.com. Kindly dispaly my Pos

  10. vishal naigade

    First very thanks to for making BIOMEDICAL-IN website.We got lot of informaton from our site.
    Sir I have completed my BE in INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROl in PUNE UNIVERSITY.
    I want to do job in biomedical field.Sir please i request to you please give me referance to get job.Its very thankfull if i got a opportinity in biomedical field.I’m very interested in this field.


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