The rise of personality schools in India is making sure introverts are turned overnight into confident extroverts. At Pria Warrick’s personality school, students are trained in extrovertism. “There’s no place in today’s world for quiet, shy people. We train people to engage socially. An introvert is ready to leave a party after an hour and the extrovert gains steam as the night goes on. We have a worksheet for introverts and teach them how to converse, stand and even how to leave a party. We tell them what to talk with people. Introverts have low self-esteem, but some of them are over-achievers.”

Maybe, that’s the reason, celebrities like Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Helen Hunt, Sunny Deol and Jaya Bachchan are known as performers who are extremely shy and keep to themselves. Motivational guru Shiv Khera explains, “We can change our personality as it’s a composite of many things — conduct, communication, attitude, body language. It’s a process, not an event.”

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