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Biomedical Jobs at Bern University, Switzerland


BME Lab, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Biel/Bienne, Switzerland


There are currently several open positions for highly motivated and skilled engineers at the BME Lab of BFH-TI in Switzerland.

Job 1 (PhD student): While enrolled at EPFL as a PhD student, you will work on a cutting-edge research project financed by (SNF). The goal is to design, build, and optimize demonstrators of a hand and arm prosthesis that allows an amputee to feel touch. To facilitate this, our partners, e.g., at CSEM and EPFL, will embed miniature body sensors in a flexible material to create an artificial skin for tactile prosthetic applications. Your profile: We are looking for an engineer with a master’s degree who will enroll into the doctoral program of EPFL. Further information is available online ( Applicants shall be competent in the following areas: electronics, signal processing, control engineering, and related fields.