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Innovation:Blood Brain Barrier Unlocked to cure diseases

Researchers at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine may have solved a problem that has long vexed neurologists, including those involved in treating and studying HIV/AIDS-related neurological problems. According to a new report published in the September 14 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, the Cornell team has found a way to open and close the blood-brain barrier, which may allow for more effective treatment of a variety of brain-centered diseases and complications, such as those associated with HIV/AIDS.

Nanoparticles making “inroads” into Brain Drug delievery

The majority of drugs do not penetrate from blood into the brain because of the hematoencephalic barrier existing between them. This creates a lot of difficulties for brain tumor treatment. Russian researchers have developed a system for drug delivery into the brain with the help of nanoparticles and demonstrated its efficiency on laboratory animals.

Glioblastoma is the most widespread and the most dangerous variety of the brain malignant tumor. At the moment, chemotherapy of such tumors has little effect due to existence of the hematoencephalic barrier – the filter that prevents alien agents (including drugs) from passing into the brain. Researchers worldwide are working to create medicinal systems, which could be used for glioblastoma therapy.