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Surgeons can have a better feel in KeyHole surgery with Feedback

The number of complications following keyhole surgery can be reduced by giving the surgeons a better feeling of how hard they are grasping the tissue with their operating instruments. This is made possible by designing the instrument in such a way that it sends tangible feedback signals to the handle held by the surgeon. Delft University of Technology researcher Eleonora Westebring-van der Putten has developed a working prototype for this.

Grasp force


A control system is a device or set of devices to manage, command, direct or regulate the behaviour of other devices or systems.CLOSED LOOP CONTROL SYSTEM

There are two common classes of control systems, with many variations and combinations:

i.) logic or sequential controls, and feedback or linear controls.


ii.) fuzzy logic, which attempts to combine some of the design simplicity of logic with the utility of linear control.

Some devices or systems are inherently not controllable.

The term “control system” may be applied to the essentially manual controls that allow an operator to, for example, close and open a hydraulic press, where the logic requires that it cannot be moved unless safety guards are in place.