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NeuroApps on Apple IPAD: Brain Atlas of Human White Matter

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announced the release of NeuroApps: MRI Atlas of Human White Matter, the first in a new series of apps created for the iPad(TM). Based on the MRI Atlas of White Matter by Kenichi Oishi, Andreia V. Faria, Peter C M van Zijl and Susumu Mori, this interactive application re-makes the atlas for a new generation of neuroscience researchers, clinicians and students.
This MRI, taken from NeuroApps, shows the 3-planar views of the MRI, each plane overlaid with the Ta …


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1 Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Transport Phenomena; Microscopic Pictures of Heat Carriers (PDF) (MP3 – 38MB) (MP3 – 38MB)
2 Characteristic Time and Length, Simple Kinetic Theory, Characteristic (PDF) (MP3 – 40.1MB) (MP3 – 40.1MB)
3 Schrödinger Equation (PDF) (MP3 – 39.1MB) (MP3 – 39.1MB)
(RM – 10MB)
4 Quantum Wells, Harmonic Oscillators, Rigid Rotors, and Hydrogen Atoms (PDF) (MP3 – 38.8MB) (MP3 – 38.8MB)
(RM – 10MB)
5 Rigid Rotors, Hydrogen Atom, Electronic Levels in One-dimensional Lattice Chain (PDF) (MP3 – 38.9MB) (MP3 – 38.9MB)
(RM – 10MB)