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Artificial lungs to replace the lungs

Artificial lung mimics real organ functionsBS Reporter /  July 27, 2011, 0:21 IST

An artificial lung built by Cleveland researchers has accounted for functions akin to the genuine organ, while using air—not pure oxygen as current artificial lungs require.

While their use in humans is still years away, for the 200 million lung disease sufferers worldwide, the device is a major step towards an easily portable and implantable artificial lung, said Joe Potkay, a research assistant professor in electrical engineering and computer science at Case Western Reserve University. Potkay is the lead author of the paper describing the device and research in Lab on a Chip.
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Oxygen Uptake in the Lungs is Increased About 70X by Hemoglobin in the Red Cells

  • In the lungs oxygen must enter the blood
  • A small amount of oxygen dissolves directly in the serum, but 98.5% of the oxygen is carried by hemoglobin
  • All of the hemoglobin is found within the red blood cells (RBCs or erythrocytes)
  • The hemoglobin content of the blood is about 15 gm/deciliter (deciliter = 100 mL)
  • Red cell count is about 5 million per microliter

Each Hemoglobin Can Bind Four O2 Molecules (100% Saturation)