Counseling & Advice session For 2011 Admission Started

This is to inform all the students related to Biomedical Engineering and thier very own portal that from now on till june end when the counseling for Mtech stops. I have started the FREE of COST advice and counseling session on

Here you can write all your querries as a reply to this post

you will get personalised answers related to your every querry regarding?

  • how to apply
  • where to apply
  • when to apply
  • what are the documents i need to carry at the time of counselling
  • what will be the interview questions in Mtech Interview
  • Mtech 2011 GATE interviews
  • information about GATE cut offs 2011
  • whatever information you want will be available

how to contact us

or you can click the chat badge on right hand side if it is green

JOIN this group on facebook : JOIN THE GROUP

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