MEDFLUB:A New Initiative in Biomedical Engineering

Medflub is a new portal related to Biomedical Engineering Which provides you information related to Health care in a interactive manner.

Generally Biomedical Students refer to Internet at you  tube and some other sites like for the latest information related to Biomedical Engineering

In Medflub you will get all the animations & video tutorials related to Biomedical Engineering which will help you in understanding Biomedical Engineering without even lab facilities.

Thus it will be beneficial when it comes to visualising some ideas which we have in our mind. Hope I am not exaggerating the things, But in my opinion Biomedical engineering is all about imagination that too in a sensible and logical manner.

In medflub you can meet up new peoples by joining in new groups and getting new friends which are related to healthcare

You can also share all materials which you have as it is always about “sharing & caring”

MedFlub will be officially launched on 2nd of april . Presently testing is going on

You are reading the exclusive review first time before launch at

go to the website

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