Cool Tip is too Hot: RF Ablation system

Radiofrequency Ablation

Alternating current through the tissue creates friction on a molecular level. Increased intracellular temperature generates localized interstitial heating. At temperatures above 60°C, cellular proteins rapidly denature and coagulate, resulting in a lesion.

How it Works

The Cool-tip™ system’s generator feedback algorithm senses tissue impedance and automatically delivers the optimum amount of radiofrequency energy. Our unique patented electrode design minimizes tissue charring and allows for maximum current delivery, resulting in a larger ablation zone in less time.

cut-away picture of end of electrode showing water cooling

The Cooling Effect

The electrode’s internal circulation of water cools the tissue adjacent to the exposed electrode, maintaining low impedance during the treatment cycle. Low impedance permits maximum energy deposition for a larger ablation volume.

Cool-tip™ Ablation

The system’s generator software monitors tissue impedance and adjusts the output accordingly. Pulsed energy delivery allows the target tissue to stabilize, reducing increases in tissue impedance that could limit RF output. Typical treatments are completed in a 12-minute cycle.

Advantages of Cool-tip™ RF Ablation System

12-minute treatment cycle

Fast, effective ablation reduces procedure time and minimizes facility expense.

Minimized Charring

The Cool-tip™ electrode minimizes tissue carbonization. Cooler proximal tissue permits maximum energy deposition to the target tissue.

Larger, Controlled Ablation Zone

The internally cooled electrode and feedback algorithm work together to simultaneously provide energy delivery that responds to tissue changes. The system’s cooled electrode reduces increases in tissue impedance to improve energy delivery.

Thermographic series of Cool-tip™ electrodes in ex-vivo liver*

thermograph #1 thermograph #2 thermograph #3 thermograph #4

*Animal Model

Cool-tip™ Animations

This series of animations provides further insight into how Cool-tip™ ablation works. See 3D animations of the electrode placement and its effect on the target tissue—plus a real thermal video of Cool-tip™ RF system in action. (Requires QuickTime.)


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