Tips for Biotech Engineers For Masters in Biomedical Engineering

As the trend continues in India as well as abroad that students with the the undergraduate in Biotechnology opting for Biomedical Engineering in their Majors.
But this transition from Biotechnology to Biomedical Engineering brings in Many doubts in the mind of students. Some students are mindful to make this choice, But most of them had no idea as it seems to be the last option when they havent got admission anywhere around

How to pursue Masters in Biomedical Engineering with Bachelors in Biotechnology?

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field which accomodates students from all the backgrounds of the engineering from electronics related engineering to mechanical & to Biotechnology as well.

While pursuing Masters in Biomedical Engineering you can pursue your all interests of the undergraduation, lets be specific here in this article to Biotech Engineers only.

Problematic area where Biotech Engineers need to work Hard are

  • Biosignal Processing
  • Image processing
  • Mathematics
  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Biomedical Sensors
  • Embedded systems (if dealt)

Why these areas are difficult for Biotech Engineers in Masters?

Biotech Engineers in all the colleges around India have studied mathematics in 1 or two semester & most of them join in from a Pure Biology backgrounf after 12th class. This results in ignorance of intregral & differential equations which are prominently dealt in +1 & +2 standard.
This lack of mathematics is responsible for ruining the set of subjects if they take up Masters in any other field other than Biotechnology. Biotechnology requires basic knowledge about biostatistics which is provided with the help of a course related to it. But they are far away from calculus stuff.

Biomedical Engineering design areas, Signal Processing , image processing areas require extensive knowledge of Mathematics Basics otherwise students are bound to suffer in the same.

Now the Next thing is the electronics subjects, Biotech Engineers havent studied any of the electronics subject in their So it becomes very difficult to tackle those subjects if they are put in as compulsory.

The knowledge about these areas required to become a good Biomedical Engineer as these subject form the core of Biomedical Engineering.

So now what to do? I am a Biotech Engineer & I have choosen Masters in Biomedical Engineering.

How can a Biotech Engineer overcome all these Problems and ADD Biomedical Engineering MASTERS to his advantage?

First of all , I would like to tell all the Biotech Engineers who might read this post as Future Guidance , that Nothing is impossible in this world.

Biomedical Engineering is not just limited to only Medical Electronics related courses and Mathematics Based courses , there are so many upcoming areas which have a great future scope.

But how to tackle these courses, To tackle the Mathematics courses u need to know Matrices & basic differential and integral formulas which require only 15-20 days to familiarise with. And mathematics is all about Practice, So if you want to clear this subject then you just need a hour a day n u can even manage scoring 90% or more in the subject.

How to tackle Electronics subjects.? As being a Biotech Engineers, It wont be difficult for you to learn theory and write it in Exam and as u have studied engineering Physics as well as Physics in 12th class that knowledge will be enough to learn the new concepts related to the Electronics, all you need is to brush up your mind with the stuffs related to solid state Physics of 12th class.

Now If I somehow Mangaed to clear these subjects what is the Future scope in Biomedical Engineering for a Biotech Engineer?

You can pursue the various main Modules of Biomedical/ Bioengineering which are specifically related to the Biotech discipline you have come from thus helping you in pursuing your career further in this field.
Biotechnology provide

All the above modules also have many things in Common related to Biomedical Engineering. Thus while you pursue Biomedical Engineering, you can also pursue your research in the above mentioned areas. All the areas mentioned above are application of Biomedical Engineering only,just one needs to look upon them with a Open head.

if you wish to pursue research related to Biomedical Engineering then area scope is such that I cant even summarise in a article here.

Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineer are sister Branches and interdisciplinary if certain applications are considered.

Students should not Loose hope if they are Biotech Engineers and pursuing Biomedical Engineering as there Majors

if you wish to know more regarding this respect feel free to contact me

Kush Tripathi

Biomedical Engineer

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