50 years as a Biomedical Engineer: Max E Valentinuzzi

Looking back at one point of life appears as a nice exercise to round out and summarize. However, the objective should not be simply to tell a story; it must transmit a message to the young. To start with, two concepts are useful: ” Respect for others begins when you learn to laugh at yourself ” and, taken from an old saying, “I did not want to be poor … but money wouldn’t make me rich”. After elementary and high schools, during times of turmoil, I describe my engineering school years at the University of Buenos Aires and a working experience in an international telecommunications company. Significant events taught me a concept, rooted in another motto: “Isn’t this house nice? It is my house, and I love it very much”. In 1960, I began my activities in the USA. A couple of bad decisions resulted in significant events for me teaching me an important truth: “Beware of golden promises; time is the most precious asset”. Finally, in 1972, settled down in Tucuman until retirement in 2001, a long period of productive activity came about, not without difficulties and also stained by a dark political interval. Crises seem to characterize our generations in Argentina. Non-the-less, there were some real accomplishments: An undergraduate program in BME and a National BME Society (SABI) plus an archive of specialized published material. After spending time following retirement in Peru and Italy, my current activity came as unexpected dessert at the University of Buenos Aires, with a small research group, so offering me the opportunity of transmitting what I still have available.

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