Post Graduate Fellowships for Biomedical Engineers

The Heart Foundation offers Postgraduate Scholarships in biomedical, clinical and public health disciplines for research relevant to cardiovascular disease and its related disorders. These scholarships are for nursing, medical, science and other relevant graduates seeking support for full-time research studies leading towards a PhD at an Australian university or institution.

Applicants for Heart Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the instructions below. Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded for up to three years in duration.

Stroke Foundation co-funded Postgraduate Scholarships

The Heart Foundation and the National Stroke Foundation are partnering to offer funding for Postgraduate Scholarships for research into the prevention, causes, diagnosis, treatment and long term support for stroke.

These scholarships will only be awarded to postgraduate students to support study towards a PhD. Scholarships of up to three years in duration will be awarded. Part-time applicants will also be considered, a separate application is not required for part-time awards.

If you wish to be considered for a Stroke Foundation Co-funded Scholarship, please indicate this by ticking the relevant box on the Postgraduate Research Scholarship Application Form.

Important Information

Please note there have been significant changes to the instructions and application forms for Heart Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships.  These changes came into effect for the 2010 funding round onwards.

A summary of the major changes are as follows:

  • The application forms are now separated into two parts; Part A and Part B.
  • All the supporting documentation required must be included as two separate PDF files (Supporting Documentation File 1 and Supporting Documentation File 2)
  • Referee reports must be included with the application as part of Supporting Documentation File 2.
  • Only those applicants who have yet to commence their PhD (or an equivalent degree) or who have completed less than 12 months of work towards their PhD at the time of application are eligible to apply for a Heart Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • All applications for extensions must be submitted by September 1st each year, and applicants must be within three years of the original starting date of their PhD. Extensions are only available for a maximum of six months and all requests must be approved by the Chair of the Heart Foundation Scholarships Committee and the National Director – Research Program.


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