Non-magnetic micro connectors for MRI

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Small, robust and extremely non-magnetic! These are the qualities of the new micro-D connectors developed by Axon’ Cable.  These miniature connectors are designed for devices, which rely on magnetism when operating.  This is the case, for example, for MRI scanners where the magnetic field generated must remain constant and stable to obtain reliable and high quality 3D images.

The non-magnetic connectors developed by Axon’ Cable have not only a very low residual magnetic field  (less than 1 nT – about 50,000 times lower than the earth’s magnetic field), but it is also almost impossible to magnetize them.  They cannot, therefore, interfere with the magnetic fields produced by the magnets of medical imaging devices or particle accelerators used by scientists.


The residual magnetism of these new connectors is 20 times lower than Axon’s existing range of non-magnetic miniature connectors (20 nT is the lowest value defined by NASA standard GSFC/S-311-P-4 for non-magnetic connectors).  Even the Twist Pin contacts which assure a permanent contact are themselves non-magnetic.

The non-magnetic miniature connectors manufactured by Axon’ Cable are part of the Micro D connector range.

 AXON mesure-champ-magnetique-remanent small
They are half the size of the widely used D-Sub connector.  Despite their miniature size, they rise to the challenges of demanding applications such as medical.  Micro-D connectors are designed to cope with severe requirements: robustness, long life, low contact resistance, dielectric strength, vibration, shock, etc.  All connectors in the range, designed in accordance with the MIL-DTL-83513 standard, use the highly reliable Twist Pin technology.


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