Biomedical Software for Seizure detection in Epilepsy

Sridevi Sarma’s research focuses on a system with three components: electrodes implanted in the brain, which are connected by wires to a neurostimulator or battery pack, and a sensing device, also located in the brain implant, which detects when a seizure is starting and activates the current to stop it. (Credit: Illustration by Greg Stanley/JHU)

 Epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide, but in a third of these cases, medication cannot keep seizures from occurring. One solution is to shoot a short pulse of electricity to the brain to stamp out the seizure just as it begins to erupt. But brain implants designed to do this have run into a stubborn problem: too many false alarms, triggering unneeded treatment. To solve this, Johns Hopkins biomedical engineers have devised new seizure detection software that, in early testing, significantly cuts the number of unneeded pulses of current that an epilepsy patient would receive.

Medtronic Launches World’s first Diabetic Management Software

Medtronic, Inc. announced the international market launch of CareLink(R) Pro 3 Therapy Management Software, the first software program to offer advanced decision support to healthcare professionals managing diabetes. The software analyzes data from a patient’s insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, and blood glucose meter to identify the most important patient information in one easy-to-use dashboard. In addition, the software offers therapy considerations that clinicians can use as a starting point to discuss therapy changes with their patients to help improve glucose control.


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