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PhD position in Biomedical Engineering at Denmark

PhD Scholarship on Novel Diagnostic Methods and Devices for Personalised Treatment of Cancer


A 3-year PhD scholarship is open within the European FP7 project “Biomedical engineering for cancer and brain diseases diagnostics and therapy development EngCaBra”. DTU Nanotech is carrying out research in the areas of micro- and nanofabrication including nano- and biotechnology. The department offers outstanding career opportunities and has strong connections to the industry. The NaBiS group (www.nanotech.dtu.dk/nabis) at DTU Nanotech focuses on developing state of the art biosensor systems for biochemical analysis in integrated systems.

Marie Curie PhD Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering @ Philips Research

The Marie Curie PhD fellowship, Philips research, Netherlands is part of the project iCareNet (Intelligent ContextAware Systems for Healthcare, Wellness, and Assisted Living), a Marie Curie project within the Peo ple Programme of the 7th Framework of the European Commission.

With more than 20 partners and associated partners, the iCareNet project will conceive context aware solutions, leveraged through an interdisciplinary perspective ranging from sensing and sensor integration, to human-computer interaction and social factors involved in the deployment of context-aware applications. The open position is with Philips Research in Eindhoven but two secondments for three months are foreseen at one or two other iCareNet clinical/university partners.