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World’s First Double Headed MRI to Study Brain Activity during Cuddling with friends

Right now, getting an MRI scan means you have be still—and alone—in a gigantic machine. Thanks to some clever researchers though, future fMRI scanners might be double-headed—meaning that you can bring a buddy for simultaneous, cuddle-filled brain scans.

Two heads are better than one—particularly if you’re studying the brain activity underlying social interaction. The problem is that imaging technologies such as MRI have only been able to handle one brain at a time – until now. Ray Lee at Princeton University has developed the world’s first dual-headed fMRI scanner. The innovation allows the simultaneous imaging of the brain activity of two people lying in the same scanner.


Recruiter wants interested applicants to either approach the venue mentioned or call on the number provided

Experience:5 – 10 Years



Education:UG – B.Tech/B.E. – Biomedical,Diploma PG – Post Graduation Not Required

Industry Type:Medical/ Healthcare/Hospital

Role:Lab Technician/Medical Technician/Lab Staff

Functional Area:Healthcare, Medical, R&D

Posted Date:18 Nov

Desired Candidate Profile

Biomedical Engineer with Degree or Diploma in Biomedical Engineering having 5 years or more experience in a recognized hospital with exposure to Biomedical Equipments

Job Description

Biomedical Engineer

Keywords: Degree / Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, BE,B.Tech