Innovation in Healthcare 2011 syposium @ MIT

The inaugural Innovation in Healthcare Symposium: Systems Thinking from Discovery to Delivery will take place Feb. 1 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Biological Engineering, Center for Biomedical Innovation, and Engineering Systems Division, according to MIT

The day-long event, sponsored by Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, will be a forum to stimulate new ways of thinking about and addressing today’s greatest healthcare challenges, said MIT officials. The event will happen at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium.

The Symposium will consist of four multi-disciplinary expert panels structured around three major topics:

  • improving healthcare delivery to patients,
  • reversing the declining productivity of biomedical research, and
  • applying lessons learned by other industries to guide a transformation of our healthcare system.

The fourth panel will be a question-and-answer session composed of young leaders currently working in the healthcare field discussing how the issues raised by the previous panels impact their work.

“The opportunity to sponsor this symposium is a wonderful way for Merrimack to celebrate our 10th anniversary,” said Robert Mulroy, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals’ president and CEO.  “We are convinced that the future of healthcare innovation lies in the ability to think outside of our individual disciplines. Our goal with MIT, on February 1, is to educate and inspire tomorrow’s innovators.”

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