Biomedical Summer Training 2011 @ Cardea Labs, Delhi

About Cardea

Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in March, 2008 with the aim of providing low cost noninvasive healthcare solutions. Founded by first generation entrepreneurs with dedicated teams both for hardware design and software development. It provides complete, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the pressing clinical needs of India and the world at large. Cardea works closely with scientists, researchers, medical and business professionals to bring about major advances in healthcare. Solving medical related problems, developing healthcare products and providing services to improve people’s lives is our vision.

Biomedical Course @ Cardea Labs

Cardea Labs, the educational division of Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a medical devices company) was founded to help students undergo a certified training session enabling them to become professional biomedical graduates and better prepared for jobs in industry and research centers. Cardea Certified Biomedical Engineering Professionals are well-recognized in core biomedical companies and research centers worldwide.

Cardea Certified BioMedical Engineer

Cardea Labs provides hands-on training in the following three modules. To become a Cardea Certified BioMedical Engineer a qualifying test post training needs to be cleared. A grade will be given at the end of the qualifying test.

a) Medical Electronics – Course includes designing circuits comprising of power supplies, sensors, transducers and filter designing (active and passive) to capture noise-free physiological signals of the human body. At the end of the module the student is able to design various types of EXG viz. ECG, EMG, EOG,EEG as well as PPG amplifiers practically.

b) Micro-controllers/Embedded System – Student learns the art of programming micro-controllers and uses it for A to D conversion amongst other advanced topics to send the captured bio-signals on to the computer/peripheral devices. Going beyond 8051, student learns using ATMEGA, PIC and their implementation in medical devices.

c) Digital Signal Processing – A student learns the art of programming to extract important information from the biomedical signals. Special emphasis is on processing of biomedical signals viz. ECG, PPG, EEG, EMG and radial pulse to extract features like Heart Rate Variability (HRV) amongst others. Students also learn to develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the development of medical softwares.

d) (Optional) Interested students can also take an advanced course on Digital Image Processing. Topics like thresholding, filtering, edge detection. image formats amongst others will be covered.


As a part of the training program offered at Cardea Labs, a student works on a research based project (post training) under the supervision of experts at Cardea Labs. The project may include all the three modules or an extensive work on one of the three modules.

The selection of the topic of the research based project is made after brain storming sessions with inputs from experts in Biomedical Engineering, Mentors of Cardea and the students.

The students gets equal opportunity to contribute to patents, conference and journal publications resulting from the research projects.


The duration of the training is a total of 90 hours for the three modules and a period of 1-4 months for research based project depending on the complexity. Students can plan their program of study with a Cardea Advisor during registration.

PLACEMENTS/Support for Higher Studies

Cardea Labs has an active placement cell which helps fetch numerous core companies/research labs for the recruitment of Cardea Certified BioMedical professionals. Cardea Labs feels proud that Cardea Certified BioMedical Engineers are highly rated and recommended by employers from various sectors of industry (research and development, sales, servicing and marketing). Several tie-ups and MoU have been signed with national and international organizations helping Cardea Certified BioMedical Engineers avail internship and job offers.

Experts at Cardea Labs also help students in applying to universities at US, UK, Germany and France. Several of the students at Cardea Labs have made it to the top tier universities including Johns Hopkins (World’s #1 in Biomedical Engineering), Georgia Tech, UCLA in the US, Leeds University, Imperial College in the UK amongst several others (refer testimonials page for case studies) with very high scholarships.

Entrepreneurship Cell

Cardea Labs believes in the power of ideas. Cardea Labs inculcates entrepreneurial spirit through its training programs. The entrepreneurship cell has initiated a programme called the Cardea Innovation Programme that involves idea conception to prototyping. It starts with clinical immersion i.e. one-to-one interaction with physicians, residents, paramedics and identification of top unmet needs in the country. Filters are then applied to zero down the needs based on clinical impact, market size and adoption, time to market, competition in India, business risk and regulatory pathway. Based on commercialization and funding opportunity, needs are finalized. Prototypes are then developed. Cardea Labs encourages innovative ideas and helps in implementation of practical ideas. Cardea Labs welcomes students with innovative ideas to discuss opportunities at Cardea Labs.


For registering, students must send his/her latest copy of resume and a cover letter to info@cardeabiomedical.comclearly mentioning the following :

  • Duration for which the training is intended.
  • Number of students.
  • Contact Information (phone number & email ID).

Since Cardea Labs has limited seats, an advance of Rs 5000/- must be made for confirmation of seat. On the first day of the training the following documents must be brought:

  • 2 photographs.
  • Hard Copy of the resume.
  • A xerox copy of the college ID card.
  • Reference letter from college (if provided by the college).
  • Remaining fees as per the customized programme.


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