International Conference on Biomedical Engineering in India,2011 Manipal Karnatka





The human body is an engineering marvel endowed with life. Biomedical Engineering involves applications of engineering to assist doctors in healthcare and scientists in life-science-studies, towards enriching our knowledge and serving humanity.There is a long way to go towards unraveling the mysteries associated with the human body & life. We invite submission of original work describing technological advances and research results in this fascinating & multidisciplinary field, to ICBME 2011 – organized by the MIT, Manipal and the Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI) – at MIT, Manipal University, located in the small University Town of Manipal, Udupi district, within the picturesque coastal Karnataka, India. The topics of interest include, but not limited to:


1. Medical Imaging
2. Medical Image Processing
3. Image guidance during intervention
4. Physiological Signal Acquisition & Processing
5. Medical Instrumentation & Devices
6. Telemedicine
7. Bio-sensors
8. Biomechanics & Biodynamics
9. Biomaterials and artificial organs
10. Engineering-Applications in Life Sciences
11. Medical Applications of Nanotechnology
12. Kinesiology & Sports Medicine
13. Healthcare (including Medical & Clinical) Informatics
14. Haptics in Biomedical Engineering
15. Biometrics

o Submission of manuscripts (full paper), IEEE Style, 4–6 pages

o Electronic submission-portal: Under Construction

o Important Dates:  Manuscript-submission: June 4, 2011
Communication of Decision: Sep. 2, 2011
Submission of final manuscript: Sep. 24, 2011

o Pre-conference Tutorial: 8–9 Dec., 2011
o Topic: To be announced.
o Application for the Tutorial: Sep. 10, 2011
o Communication of Acceptance: Oct. 10, 2011

o Registration: To be announced

o Selected Papers will be considered for publication in:

o Int. J. Comput. Intell. Healthcare Informatics
o Int. J. Biomed. Engg. & Consumer Health
o Int. J. Medical Engg. & Informatics
o J. Medical Imaging and Health Informatics
o J. Biomed. Engg. Society of India
o J. Bionanoscience


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