MEMS based detection of airbubble & flow in Liquids for Biomedical Devices


The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion introduces the new flow and air bubble detector for the detection of LG01 low liquid flow rates and air bubbles. The small and light sensor is particularly suitable for integration in bio-medical applications and solutions for process engineering. The sensor detects flow rates in a range of several ml / min or less and responds with a response time of ms under 100. The output signal of either 0 or 5 V indicating whether the flow rate is currently above or below a specified threshold. At constant flow rates above the threshold, the sensor can be used alternatively for the detection of air bubbles in the river channel. According Sensirion increases the reliability of fluid systems with a maximum flow rate up to 220 ml / min.

About the fluidic connections according to the standard 1/4-28 plastic tubing can have an external diameter of 1 / 8 “(3.2 mm) or 1 / 6 ” (1.6 mm) are connected. Alternatively, tubular casings available adapter. Its superior chemical resistance and Biokomptabilit√§t is achieved through the medium separated by measuring the wall of the integrated, straight glass capillary (diameter 1.8 mm). In addition, the fluidic connections are made ??from PEEK plastic. The new product is based on a digital MEMS chip.

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