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IEEE Workshop on MEMS & MIcrosystems with Hands on Training

IEEE Workshop on MEMS & Microsystems with Hands-on training in Device Simulation & Microfabrication Process” is being jointly organized by IEEE Student Branch, WiE Affinity group of IIT Kharagpur and IEEE EMB Student Club IIT Kharagpur. The workshop aims to provide an excellent forum to interact and share ideas on the MEMS and microelectronics system, technologies, emerging applications with hands-on simulation and fabrication procedure to the students, researchers and faculties working in the area of MEMS sensing and technology. This will be a three days workshop where experts from industries and academia are invited to share their knowledge in the respective fields.

Clinical Applications of BioMEMS

MEMS have long been used in biomedical sensing applications around the patient,for monitoring things like blood pressure or activity levels in people or ?ow rates in bedside equipment. But now products based on the major progress in MEMS technology of the last few years are starting to make it through the long Biomedical development process to the market, applying that sensing information to intervene inside the body, in smarter implants and better minimally invasive procedures.

Final Year Biomedical Engineering Project ideas

BIO-MEDICAL ENGINEERING Final Year Projects ideas

1.patient fall detection using hip and abdomen sensor.
2.breathing sensor with sleeping pattern analysis.
3.bionic sensor based foot sensing and hip monitoring with lcd display.
4.disabled person brain wave detection with leg sensor.
5.intelligent monitoring system in psychological health.
6.hospital emergency caring system.
7.respiratory temperature monitor in icu
8.automatic patient heart beat and body temperature monitoring for remote doctor.
9.reduce the potential risks for sudden infant death
10.peritoneal based medical filter process

11.Centralized cardiac monitoring system

12.Myo-electric signal conditioning for driving a dc motor for a possible application in an artifical hand

BioMEMS Application-MEMS for Diabetic Retinopathy

Fundus photo showing focal laser surgery for d...

There is no neat, targeted way to treat diabetic retinopathy, a condition that could lead to blindness. Laser therapy can result in diminished side and night vision and the other current method used, the cancer drug docetaxel, clear from the system so quickly that high doses are needed, increasing toxicity to healthy tissue. The research group ANPRON tells us about a team of Canadian scientists who think they have found a solution for sufferers of diabetic retinopathy. They have made a MEMS device (micron-sized electromechanical systems) that could be implanted behind the eye and release docetaxel on command by an external magnet.

Sixth ISSS International Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems (ISSS-2012)



Receipt of full paper for review : August 15, 2011
Intimation of Acceptance after review : September 30, 2011
Deadline for receipt of revised full paper : November 15, 2011
Last date for advance registration : November 30, 2011

MEMS based detection of airbubble & flow in Liquids for Biomedical Devices


The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion introduces the new flow and air bubble detector for the detection of LG01 low liquid flow rates and air bubbles. The small and light sensor is particularly suitable for integration in bio-medical applications and solutions for process engineering. The sensor detects flow rates in a range of several ml / min or less and responds with a response time of ms under 100. The output signal of either 0 or 5 V indicating whether the flow rate is currently above or below a specified threshold. At constant flow rates above the threshold, the sensor can be used alternatively for the detection of air bubbles in the river channel. According Sensirion increases the reliability of fluid systems with a maximum flow rate up to 220 ml / min.