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Short Term Course on Medical Signal Processing – NIT Jalandhar

Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
One-Week Short Term Course On Medical Signal Processing and Interpretation
(Under TEQIP-II)
December 23rd –to-27th, 2013

The course contents would cover Basics of Human Physiological Systems, Bio electrical Signals and their Acquisition, Basics of Medical Signal Processing, Analysis, Interpretation for correlating them with specific features related to disease classification, Clinical Applications.

Objectives of the Short Term Course
1. To enhance technical and professional competency of the
faculty members.
2. To promote interaction among the professionals working in
Bio medical Engineering field and allied areas.


Generally while preparing for the exams most of the people around the globe face the same problem that is they are not able to find the questions which they can practice before giving the exam and preparation is necessary for the exams so looking forward to that thing only when I was wondering around the net. I did’nt find the quality material which can be good for the practice of engineers specially in the field of signal & systems thus I introduced this post

At the end of the post you will find the question bank conatining fill in the blanks , multiple choice questions as well as the subjective type questions