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Biomedical engineering models that can save lives- The Hindu

Biomedical Article in The Hindu

Designs extremely practical and find use in day-to-day life of people

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and the biomedical engineering students of Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for Women have shown how true the idiom is. The students as part of their final-year project have developed twelve prototypes that can aid in healthcare. The students have developed the concept from scratch with the help of the faculty and have created working models of their innovative ideas. All the designs are extremely practical and find use in day-to-day life of people not only undergoing medical treatment but in diagnosis and the lives of the disabled as well.

M.Tech Biomedical Engineering in IIIT Allahabad

With an objective to nurture talent in the field of information technology and allied areas, the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad has launched a five-year integrated post graduate Bio- Medical Engineering course for the coming 2012-13 academic session.

Giving details M D Tiwari, IIIT-A director, said that Bio-Medical Engineering is a division of engineering that deals with the study of engineering laws and techniques that are applied in the medical sector. Bio-medical engineering develops and manufactures of prostheses, medical equipments, diagnostic devices and drugs. Biomedical engineering course curriculum includes bio-mechanics, tissue and cellular engineering, genetic engineering, orthopaedic surgery, bio-instrumentation, medical imaging and bio-materials.

Biomedical Training @ Master Stroke Haryana [Updated]


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Training for Biomedical Engineering students

Introduction to Biomedical signals, equipment, hardware and software (different processing techniques) knowledge.

Course Duration

6 weeks or 45 days

Fee Structure

Not Disclosed



Hardware and Medical-Instrumentation                             1 week

BASICS IN Bio-ELECTRONICS:                                                1 week

Biomedical Project Exhibition in Coimbatore, TamilNadu

*Students of Biomedical Engineering can visit the exhibition on the below mentioned dates. This post will also give you an idea of what you can work on in your final year project.

(6-7 April, 2012)
Venue: Product Development Center, PSG College of Technology
Visitors’ Time: 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

Instructions for writing the Literature Review of your Final year project

How to write a literature review for your final year thesis project

A long time ago I wrote an article on how to pass your final year thesis project, which several studentsfound helpful. In the same vein, this post deals with a particular aspect of the final year project: the literature review.Every year I see students doing projects I find students tend to ask the same questions about their literature review. Most common are:

  • How many papers should I read?
  • How long should the literature review be?
  • Should I read books, articles, or …?
  • Is it OK to reference websites such as Wikipedia?