Hilarious! How does a PhD student carries out research!!!

Phd student supervises a master student


What if you include this factor in your model?


From [complex looking math], it straightforwardly follows…



The fine art of salami publishing



The last evening before deadline



Free drinks during poster session



Advisor tells you to resubmit the rejected paper to another conference – reviews are even worse



After winning the best paper award



Writing your research proposal … first version

Professor edits the paper


Defending the thesis (How i feel)


Opening the long-awaited editor’s email just to see the fourth round of referee requests


Theory vs Practice


Theory vs Practice (another approach)


Submitted my paper 5 seconds before the deadline


How good my supervisor is…


When you find an error in a competitor’s research


Why parameter sensitivity matters


What you’ve proved is already known


Meeting people with my professor at a conference


Get accepted to conference – registration is how much?


We regret to inform you that you paper has not been accepted

as a PhD student:


as a post-doc:


as a professor:



We are pleased to inform you that your paper has been accepted

As a PhD student:


As a post doc:


As a professor:



When my algorithm beats the baseline



How motivated I am after a conference



How motivated I am after a reject/resubmit



Writing a paper with a 1st year PhD student



Would I like to be local chair?



Emerging research issue



Finding the correct parameters



Reviewer’s point of view



Appealing paper turns out to be pseudoscience


Postdocs writing a paper: So, who will implement this?



How I behave on university info day



Just before the demonstration of the findings



When grant proposal gets accepted



Paper is accepted after 3rd revision



Meeting of researchers about starting a company



Reviewing conference papers



Fitting the paper to page limit


Fitting the paper to page limit (alternative approach)


After submitting a grant proposal



How I prove my theorems



Applying my research on the real world



Budget cuts



Thesis advisor after I told him the incredibly good results



My research’s impact on the community?



Q&A session after presenting the paper



When your colleague tells you about his work



How fast I claim my method is



A top scientist found a new buzzword



How is your research useful?



Windows user on linux server for the first time



How my paper got rejected



Reviewing a poorly written paper


Accept? Wow, I’m so happy for you… my paper got rejected….


Adding a citation to a paper possibly written by the reviewer


Advisor suggests to maybe change your thesis topic


After the defense


As the figure clearly shows…


At a conference when i don’t know anybody


At a presentation (at first)


At a presentation (after 45 minutes)


Authors “forgot” to import the most important detail


Battling against the state-of-the-art


Being in academia started as so much fun


Changing just a tiny bit in my LaTeX tabular


Checking the results of a 2-week-long experiment


Conducting interdisciplinary research


Expanding several years old conference paper to a journal version


Fast versus Exact solutions


Fertile research topic


Getting your sole-author paper accepted


Given your expertice in the area, the editorial board of Prestigious Journal would appreciate your comments on this paper (First review invitation)


Given your expertice in the area, the editorial board of Prestigious Journal would appreciate your comments on this paper (Second review invitation)


Going to a conference with a 1st year student


Google: We are happy to announce our new website on … (your thesis topic)


How i feel at poster presentations


How i sell my method


How you think you solved a problem (At time of submitting the paper)


How you think you solved a problem (Two years later)


How your mom imagines your conference talks


I have the greatest idea ever!


I realized the results were wrong after i submitted the paper


I will just do this with Excel


Industry versus Academia (Academia, from industry’s point of view)


Industry versus Academia (Industry, from academic point of view)


Industry versus Academia (reality for both)


Listening to my professor explaining my latest paper to his colleague


Me, the conference i want to attend, and my professor


My latest experiments disapprove my colleague’s work


My publication record when applying for a grant


My supervisor still uses word 97


Of cource (my favorite method) can be used to solve that problem!


Paper submission deadline extended 1 week


Post-docs tell me life will be even more busy after getting your PhD


Professor mentions my work in a keynote (how he acts)


Professor mentions my work in a keynote (meanwhile in my head)


Professor suggesting a new topic to a PhD student


Seeing results of another researcher on the same topic


Someone in the audience points out a practical application for my research


Submitting 3 minutes before the deadline


Supervisor sends the first bunch of comments on your paper


This time it will get through


Trying to find somebody to cover your lecture


Under the assumption…


Well… i am paid to come up with novel ideas


What session chairs should do when speakers go overtime


What you have proven is already known


When an undergraduate finds a critical error in a paper


When friends ask me to explain them what’s my research about


When somebody mixes up causality and correlation


When trying to find reviewers for a conference you organize


When you try to arrange a meeting with your advisor


When your co-authors don’t quite match your pace in the project


When your method is re-discovered without any citation


When your supervisor asks you to “help” him in writing a proposal


Why parameter sensitivity matters


Writing a paper (At first)


Writing a paper (Few years later)


Writing a paper outside your area of expertise


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