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Biomedical Sales & Service Engineer Job in Delhi


TEXUS is a leading provider of sales, marketing, service solutions and other services to the healthcare Industry in India. Established in 1997, TEXUS has a remarkable heritage of service in this sector. The company has annual sales in excess of 5Cores and employs almost 17 people.
The business provides a broad range of unique proprietary products in Surgery, Anesthesia, Critical Care .
Job Code: TEX2012
Job Location:  New Delhi, Jaipur
Job Description:  We are looking Sales/Service Managers responsible for the Sales and Servicing of our products

The Sales Manager will be responsible for the sales and Service of the products installed in the territory. You will be contacting key Anesthesiologist, Intensivist, Vascular surgeons across New Delhi carrying out product demonstrations to maximize sales opportunities.

Why Anaesthesia is not used for Patients with Burn?

Burn victims must undergo a painful debridement of their wounds in order to prevent infection. Normally, they are given morphine and other non-anesthetic pain-killers. Sadly, this does not work. They still yell in pain during the operation, which is why they have to be housed seperately from other patients.

Why aren’t the burn patients given anesthesia [local or general] prior to the operation? Is there a safety issue with anesthetics?

Reasons for not using Anaesthesia

Burn victims definitely deserve adequate pain relief at all times including during dressing change
They are grossly under-dosed in clinical practice